What to know before kids ear-piercing?

Ear-piercing is a routine practice in many countries, and it has become a common trend among kids. In fact, the number of people who get their ears pierced today is much higher than it was in the past. While ear-piercing might seem like an easy thing to do, there are some things that you should know before you take your kid to the shop.

Ear piercing is common among kids

Ear piercing can be an excellent experience for both the parents and the child. It’s a special bonding moment where both can have fun together. However, there are many risks involved in ear-piercing and you should be aware of these risks before taking your kid to the shop.

It’s safer to have a doctor or a nurse do it than an untrained clerk

It’s common to see clerks at a convenience store or mall kiosk offering to pierce your child’s ears. One reason it’s better to have a doctor or nurse do it is that they are more likely to be trained in the proper procedure and use the right equipment. Most importantly, they have more experience with first-time piercings and can make sure your child is comfortable during the procedure.

You can’t guarantee that their ears won’t get infected after ear-piercing

If you do choose to get your child’s ear pierced, there are some things you should know ahead of time:

You cannot guarantee that their ears won’t get infected after piercing. If they do, it can lead to pain and swelling, which is why it’s best to avoid getting them pierced in the first place unless absolutely necessary (or if you’re willing to risk an infection).

The initial pain from the procedure itself can last anywhere from one hour up to six hours or more depending on how old your child is and how sensitive his/her body is in general. Be prepared for this possibility! It might be helpful for them if someone stays by their side until he/she feels better—especially if he/she has never had an injury like this before because there may be a lot going on inside his/her head at once: “Where did I go wrong? Is my mommy mad at me?” etc., etc., etc., but most importantly try not too much pressure when talking about everything after getting hurt.

Make sure your child is old enough

Most pediatricians recommend waiting until children are at least 3 years old before having their ears pierced. Younger children may have trouble keeping the earrings clean or may be too young to remember to remove them before washing their hair or swimming. If you do decide to get your child’s ears pierced before age 3, make sure you choose a reputable professional who uses sterile equipment.

Choose the right location on your child’s ears

Earrings should be placed at least 6 millimeters away from the lobe, so they don’t interfere with normal growth and development. Avoid placing them directly on top of a birthmark or other blemish — this could lead to infection or other problems later on in life.

Your kids will probably cry for a few minutes

It’s normal for kids to cry at the thought of pain, but they may also be afraid of the needle. If your child knows that they will be getting earrings, let them see the jewelry beforehand so they know what to expect when they go in for their appointment. You might also want to bring along a favorite toy or book to distract them once things get started!

It’s also important to remember that after an initial period of crying during which we hold our children close and comfort them, most kids won’t cry anymore as soon as we put their earrings on.

Your kids might be afraid of needles

Kids are often afraid of needles, especially when they don’t know what is happening. The piercing will be over in a few seconds, but it can seem like forever for your child.

It’s important to prepare your child for this experience by explaining what will happen and how it will feel. If you have ever had a needle inserted into your body, show them the mark left behind so they know that after the jewelry is put in place there won’t be any discomfort or pain.

If you are planning to treat the site yourself, don’t

  • Don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol can cause irritation and stinging; hydrogen peroxide can cause an allergic reaction. These ingredients will also dry out the skin and make it more susceptible to infection.
  • Don’t use antibiotic ointments, cotton swabs, and earrings for several days after having your child’s ears pierced (and for at least a month afterward, as your child heals), because they can all lead to infection if not kept clean and dry throughout their healing period – which can take anywhere between two days up to six weeks depending on age and overall health status). Also, avoid applying pressure directly onto healing piercings because this can cause damage too — particularly in babies who have soft skin that is prone to bleeding easily when bumped or irritated with something sharp like a device made out of metal or glass!

You can only use products recommended by a trained piercer, as you can find in Blomdahl. Trust us, self-treatment can have complications.

The process of piercing children’s ears does not have to be scary

Ear-piercing can be quite a painful experience for children, but they tend to forget about it once they realize they got jewelry out of it. Some kids don’t like needles and will cry, while others will fear the process altogether. If your child is prone to tantrums or easily frightened by new things, then you may want to do this with them in a familiar setting on a day that isn’t too crowded at the piercing parlor (so you don’t get overwhelmed).

Some kids will need help from their parents during the process—either because they’re afraid or simply because they are young and therefore unable to sit still without assistance. Also, keep in mind that some children require special care following their ear piercing; if your little one has sensitive skin or an allergy, speak with your piercer about how best to care for his new holes so as not to make them worse than before!

It’s normal for kids to be a little nervous about getting their ears pierced. But once they realize what it means to have a new piece of jewelry, they’ll forget about the pain and just love the way it looks.

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