What is social media marketing?

From impacting buying preferences to affecting our life decisions, social media has proven to influence our day-to-day life more than what we give it credit for. And the use of social media is still increasing. While this is great news for the people who own social media platforms, it is not so great news for the individuals having difficulty marketing on these platforms. And if you are one of those individuals, then this article is for you. Read on to know all you need to know about the digital marketing service, Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing – What is it?


Social Media Marketing, also referred to as SMM (which is sometimes called internet marketing), is the use of social media – the platforms where social networks exist – to market your business or service to increase popularity, sales, and customer reach. Social Media Marketing (SMM) has purpose-built data analytics that allows marketers to track their efforts and success and learn how to improve their marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing – Why is it so Powerful?


The three core marketing areas of social media: connection, interaction, and customer data, can be held responsible for being the key factors driving social media marketing itself.


Not only do social media platforms allow businesses to reach clients in ways that were previously thought impossible, but it also provides a wide range of extraordinary means and avenues to connect with target audiences – from the worldwide famous YouTube to social sites like Facebook to micro-blogging sites such as Twitter.


The ever-changing nature of social media enables businesses of all types to advertise their services and or products through both indirect and direct means. Above all, the fact that these interactions, since

Customer Data:

Knowledge is power. In social media marketing, customer data is power. A well-structured social media marketing plan provides you with valuable customer data. So instead of being disturbed by the 3V’s of big data, Social Media Marketing tools have the ability to not only collect but build an analysis on customer data and convert it into an actionable plan for future marketing. A great example is the analysis related to the average age of your viewers as provided by YouTube Studio and other content marketing platforms.

Social Media Marketing 

To get started in social media marketing you at least need to have the basic knowledge related to social media platforms and how to manage them. After that, you need to know how to use SMM tools to analyze the different customer data you collect from different social media platforms and use that analysis to carry out better and improved marketing plans. A good Social Media Marketing course, online or face-to-face could be of help.



If you are a freelancer looking for ways to earn money online, then the profession of being social media manager might be just the right one for you.

However, if you already manage a business or provide services and products, then managing the marketing on social media can be a whole new hassle for you. That is when a digital marketing agency can help.

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