What are the best cloud ERP systems for small businesses?

With so much work involved in a business, it has become necessary for every business to opt for a system that can automate the entire business procedure and bring the most out of it. The ERP systems are ideal for streamlining the business and operating every department of the small business from one single place. But with so many solutions available in the market, you must opt for the best one which can be a perfect fit for your business. Here we will list the best manufacturing ERP software for small businesses which can be of great use.

Eresource Xcel ERP software

The ERP system which tops our list is the eresource ERP system. eresource ERP is an effective solution for startup companies or small businesses. The eresource ERP software can help manage every department of your business from one location. The main aim of the enterprise resource planning system is to generate automation for crucial functions like finance, sales, project management, human resource, and many more.

Also, the eresource ERP contains a cloud-based system that makes data storage much more straightforward for businesses. eresource ERP software can help your small business reduce the chance of creating errors and drive accurate decision-making to gather more significant profits. It can help you reduce manual errors, and the cloud system can enable you to send accurate data in a bunch to the respective departments of the organization.

Odoo small business ERP software

Although it is a small business ERP software, the Odoo ERP software can cover a wide range of industries. This open-source ERP software was designed with small organizations in mind. This ERP software offers extensive and unique tools for controlling different business functions like marketing, sales, e-commerce, human resource management, customization, etc.

Thus, if you plan to automate all the business functions and control them from a cloud-based location, the Odoo ERP for manufacturing can serve your purposes. So, if you have a minimal budget and looking for comprehensive ERP software for your business, the Odoo ERP system software can serve its purposes.

Netsuite ERP software

This is one of the best and among modern ERP software whose cloud-based system can help your small business grow effectively. NetSuite ERP system software can offer all the required modules and tools which can help you control the different aspects of your small business company. From supply chain management, planning, and demand to others, you will get everything covered with this comprehensive ERP software.

The NetSuite ERP for manufacturing will provide you with complete visibility into the business’s operations, which can help your business grow over time. Therefore, opt for the cloud-based NetSuite ERP system and take your business to another level with the effective modules of the software.

Acumatica ERP software

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP system software that offers a quality solution for small-scale and mid-scale growing business companies. This ERP software can help you remain updated with the rapidly changing market trends. Acumatica ERP software will let you have the flexibility and maintain the efficiency that is essential for you to survive in the digital economy.

It contains some effective and robust tools that help support different functions of your small business, like project accounting, financial payroll, customer relationship management, and other business procedures. The flexible deployment options of Acumatica ERP system software can either be on-premises or on the cloud. Therefore, for comprehensive ERP system software for your small business, you can get the Acumatica ERP software for your company.


With so much ERP software available for small business companies, I think acquiring the eresource ERP software is. I feel it is the best cloud-based ERP system software with all the required tools and modules to control the different departments of your organization. Eresource manufacturing ERP software is a cloud-based system that can efficiently automate your business and streamline procedures without much hassle.

Thus, if you are looking for effective ERP software, you should go through this comprehensive list and select the software that best suits your demands. Please do not leave it in the hands of manual labor. Instead of growing your small business, you might have to face the downfall.

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