Ways To Promote An Event With A Twitter Wall

Twitter is an important marketing channel for event organizers. This is why a Twitter wall is a big yes for events.

However, creating an ideal Twitter wall requires you to know your audience and how you can engage them.

This blog contains ideas that would help you create a super-engaging Twitter wall for your event. So, let’s get on with them.

Brilliant Ways To Promote An Event With A Twitter Wall

Create A Catchy Hashtag


Make a short, sweet, and easy-to-remember event hashtag. Make a pun or catchphrase about your event and include it in all of your event content. 

Tweets with hashtags receive more retweets than those without, and tweets with only one hashtag receive more retweets than those with two. 

Focusing your Twitter marketing campaign on a memorable hashtag could increase your event’s audience reach.

Ensure your event hashtag is visible in all appropriate places before launching it: on-site, on other social media sites, on company pages, and so on. 

In addition, notify all event sponsors, vendors, speakers, and special guests about your hashtag.

Create Buzz For Your Event


Twitter walls are famous at conventions, trade shows, networking events, and even casual happy hours. They add character to the experience, which attendees will remember and discuss with their peers. In addition, they enjoy how simple yet exciting it is to have their post displayed on a screen for all to see at the event.

Make the focus of your feed a hashtag or account that attendees mention in their social media posts about the event. 

As attendees see posts and photos from the event displayed on a screen, they will feel as a part of something noteworthy. It gives the event a more current and happening feel. 

The social wall will attract people and generate buzz about your company if you need to draw attendees to your photo booth or another designated space at an event.

Host A Contest


You can significantly boost audience engagement during an event by running a contest. A contest that offers prizes upon participation has always been a brilliant way to hook people’s attention.

You can spice up things by presenting the participants and winners on the leaderboard of your Twitter wall. This will not only create a buzz about your event but will also invite other participants to join in the fun of the contest.

Showcase User-generated Content


User-generated content can be described as the trump card of any event. Accordingly, user-generated content has gathered pace and reputation in recent years for the benefits that it serves. 

For all its benefits, showcasing user-generated content is the way to take your event to the next level.

User-generated content is contained in the form of social media posts from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

Boosting audience engagement through user-generated content becomes an effortless task. Since you will display user-generated content on the big screens, the audience would be intrigued to see people getting acknowledged through the Twitter wall.

This part will motivate them to post on social media using the event’s hashtag, boosting the event’s hype both on social media and in person.

Run Q&A Session


Involving the audience in the event is an integral part of making it memorable. And there is no better way to do this than Q&A sessions. 

Q&A sessions open up two-way communication, which is essential since, in an event, the audience primarily listens to the speakers.

Seeing an opportunity to interact with their favorite speaker, people would jump on it and ask questions boosting the event engagement. 

Organize Quizzes, Games & Polls


Nothing increases audience participation more than the opportunity to participate in games and quizzes with prizes. Consider what happens when competitions are held at tradeshows and exhibitions. 

You can now announce the contest, ask questions, and announce the winners directly on your social media wall. Also, rather than having the standard polls during different sessions, ask them on the social wall using the event hashtag – this will help you generate more free content.

Display Speakers’ Blurbs


Speakers are the crowd-puller when it comes to events. So many people attend the event to watch and listen to their favorite speaker.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to enhance audience engagement at your event. In addition, you can display the speakers’ quotes and bios on social media before the event.

You can keep the engagement high even after the event is over by displaying the speaker’s blurbs from his speech during the event. 

Wrapping Up


A Twitter wall has become the go-to solution for event organizers. However, your Twitter wall needs to be based on brilliant ideas to help you reap the benefits that you are looking for. 

Some of these brilliant ideas are mentioned in this blog, and you should include them in your upcoming Twitter wall.

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