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Top 11 Caring Tips For Wood Furniture

Generally, furniture of high quality lasts a lifetime. But, owing to the continual usage of products like pulley wheels made of wood, it is vulnerable to damage. This will include abrasion, scratches, wear and tear. So, it’s crucial to take the best possible care of wooden furniture using cleaning and security tips like sash locks. When you purchase wooden furniture, the manufacturers give you specific cleaning and maintenance recommendations. You must be aware of them and adhere to the instructions given.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you useful advice for keeping your furniture in the greatest condition. It is always a good idea to request particular cleaning and care instructions when buying furniture. It is important to learn to maintain the best-looking wood on existing furniture in your home.

Useful Maintenance Tips for Wood Furniture


  1. Do Not Abuse Furniture

It is suggested to use coasters whenever you set glasses or mugs on wood tables. This is to prevent rings and heat damage. In addition, never put hot food directly on them without a trivet or potholder for added safety. In order to prevent food and drink spills on your dining room table, use beautiful placemats or a tablecloth.

  1. Protect the Environment

Wood may suffer from the effects of sunlight, heat, and other environmental variables. You should place the expensive furniture away from exposed windows, vents, and fireplaces. In this way, the light and heat will deteriorate the wood.

  1. Dust a Lot

You may know dusting is one of the greatest ways to maintain your furniture. Otherwise, on wood, airborne particles can form a filmy layer that scuffs the surface. Moreover, this accumulation is prevented by routine dusting.

To prevent damage, always cover outdoor hardwood tables with soft fabric. This soft fabric includes cotton T-shirts, cloth diapers, and microfiber. Even more, lambswool dusters effectively catch and trap dust. This will make them ideal for delicate carvings or difficult-to-reach areas.

  1. Clean Up Your Wood

Keep in mind, you may find that cleaning your wood furniture is necessary when dusting is insufficient. You should avoid using all-purpose cleaners because they can harm the finish. Use a towel in water with a mild dish detergent to clean a spot that is really dirty or sticky.

It depends on you as much as you can, ring it out, then gently wipe the area. But make sure to finish by wiping the area with a soft, dry towel. This will be done after giving it a quick rinse with a moist cloth that is just filled with water.

  1. Safeguard Your Wood

In this tip, you need to give your wood a clean, shining finish and provide some level of protection. The majority of commercial polishes and sprays use silicone oil or petroleum distillates. You should avoid using too much product since this can lead to buildup. This when combined with grime, results in a sticky, dull film.

To assist prevent this accumulation, always buff thoroughly after using products. Keep in mind, never use these products with a wax protectant as the result would be still another gooey mess.

  1. Treat Scuffs and Stains

You may be surprised to know, wood furniture can get hurt even with the best care. Always use a product like Old English Scratch Cover for small nicks and scratches. This can be done by covering scratches, this liquid polish restores the wood’s natural beauty.

Due to this, you might have to take more extreme measures. If the damage is too severe to be repaired with polishes or touch-up sticks and you’re not quite ready to throw away your beloved fixture. You need to paint a piece of worn-out furniture to give it new vitality and add several more years.

  1. Oil Dry Wood Again

It is important to re-oil furniture if it has been stored and has grown excessively dry. As you know, work with the grain at all times as you prepare the surface by first cleaning it. In this case, apply your furniture oil liberally, then wait about 15 minutes for it to absorb into the wood. Moreover, allow your furniture to dry for at least 24 hours if you plan to apply a protective coating.

  1. Re-Wax as Necessary

These days, some furniture may have a wax protective coating depending on the finish. Re-waxing the surface of these pieces as they get older can be necessary to maintain protection. Always use fine steel wool in order to prepare the surface before wiping it with a delicate towel to eliminate any leftovers.

  1. Maintain Fresh Wood Smell

Along with cleaning suggestions you need to maintain a fresh wood smell. Older parts may start to smell bad, especially if they’ve been stored. For this, baking soda can be used to freshen surfaces and a pan of charcoal.

This can be placed within drawers to absorb odours that come from within. Even leaving the piece outside on a warm, dry day in a covered place. This will eliminate odours and restore your furniture to its original condition.

  1. Avoid the Sun and the Heat

After some time, the wood’s surface may eventually dry out. This has become discoloured as a result of exposure to sunlight. Due to this, wood tends to get dull. In addition, keep the sunshine away from your fine hardwood furniture.

You might use a tablecloth to cover a dining table that is exposed to sunlight. This is to shield it from the harsh light. Furthermore, heat similarly ruins the surface of the wood. You can use coasters and placemats to keep hot food and beverages on the table.

  1. Regulating Moisture

Wood changes in character when exposed to moisture or humidity. It causes the wood to bulge, and occasionally it may even start to peel off. So, wood can be harmed in humid settings as well. It will be somewhat protected from moisture and humidity by a proper sealant.

But you will still need to take considerable precautions to safeguard it. Make sure, wooden furniture is away from damp areas. You need to use a humidifier in places with high humidity levels. This will help you to maintain the quality of your wood furniture.

Final Thoughts


All the above-discussed tips are really useful while maintaining the wood furniture for example pulley wheel. You can use high-quality polish on your furniture, then fill the joints with a sealant. To keep it sparkling, wax polishing is also a good idea. Additionally, wooden surfaces show minor scratches and blemishes from regular use.

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