Tips to Design The Best Digital Wedding Invitation

With a digital wedding invitation, you can start sharing the news of your special day. An electronic wedding invitation is ideal for a couple who wants to be environmentally conscious or for a couple who wants to stick with a virtual wedding theme.

This blog will introduce you to the most affordable options for you and your fiancé to think about, whether you’re looking to create your own digital wedding invitation or you’re searching for a design team to create the invitation for you.

Everything About Digital Wedding Invitations

Though digital invitations are a fantastic replacement for paper ones, not every couple will find them to be ideal. We hope our contemporary wedding invitation ideas can inspire you if you’ve always wanted to pick, make, or design physical wedding stationery to send out.

However, think about going digital if you and your partner are open to a different kind of wedding invitation. Informing your family and friends about your big day is simple and convenient with digital wedding invitations.

By switching to digital invitations, you can stop worrying about your guests losing, misplacing, or having their invitations get lost in the mail. You can view and share your digital wedding invitation from any location by simply clicking or tapping on it.

Couples choosing this digital option may seem perfectly appropriate given the increasingly digital world in which we live. Eliminating paper is a great way to help the environment.

Digital wedding invitations are a fun way to express your creativity by designing your own cards for those artistic or graphically inclined couples. The good news is that going digital is guaranteed to save you valuable money that would otherwise be spent on printing and mailing. This is true even if you decide to use a service to help you with your digital invitation template.

Sending out digital wedding invitations is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration if you’re still trying to save money and the environment.

How to Make Digital Wedding Invitations of Your Own


You can download the free online design tool Canva for Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. You are now prepared to begin designing your own digital wedding card after creating a free account.

You can either start your project from scratch or use one of Canva’s wedding invitation templates. Additionally, you have the option of uploading your own content or using a variety of free images and other assets that are available in this program for your project.

Add your name, the wedding date, the wedding hashtag, and other details to make your digital wedding invitation uniquely yours. Canva offers a variety of tutorials to assist you in creating the design of your dreams in addition to a number of user-friendly tools to help you easily edit your masterpiece.

When you’re satisfied with your digital wedding invitation, you can download the design directly to your computer or camera roll and begin sending it to your guests. If you decide to notify your guest list via a Facebook group, email chain, or another shareable link, Canva also offers options to share your creation directly to social media or email.


There is no need to download the App for desktop, Android, and IOS. WishNWed is a web and mobile-friendly website where you can create the invitation online instantly in JPEG, Video, and PDF format. They also offer many wedding services hiring the best vendor near your location or you can also hire a vendor that can travel to manage your event even. 

WishNWed offers Digital wedding invitations that come in personalized and customized ways. In personalized, you can ask us to design the invitation from scratch with a unique style and design. In Customized, you can choose the design that you love the most and self-edit them by following a few simple steps. 

Just Signup and select the design. On selection, click create now. After filling out your event details you can easily download and share instantly online through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

They offer both Free and Premium invitations. While creating the Personalized invitation you can ask them to create and add caricatures of the couple as well to make it more attractive. On request to them, you can also add one guest personalization feature as well for your invitation.


You can create your own card or browse through Evite’s extensive collection of digital wedding invitation templates by creating a free account. You can customize the invitation to your heart’s content once you design it or select a template that suits your style.

Using the Evite app, you can send your guests a digital wedding invitation quickly and easily via text, email, or Facebook. Additionally, Evite allows you to track RSVPs, message your guest list, and make polls.

Evite offers the option to quickly host a virtual party whether you’re planning an entirely online wedding or even a hybrid ceremony. If you want a pandemic-proof wedding, you can use this feature to plan your special day with your loved ones near and far, or even host your entire wedding ceremony live through video chat.

The Evite app also offers the option for guests to post photos to the event’s private feed. All of your guests can upload their favorite memories after your big day so that everyone can look back on them and enjoy them for years to come.

Online Service Provider For Your Digital Wedding Invites

Above I have shared the platforms where you can self-create the digital invite. Besides that, they also are the services provider that offers services for creating digital wedding invites for you as well. Along with the above here I am sharing a few more service providers. Have a look:


GreenVelope is the company you need if you’re looking for assistance in making your vision for a digital wedding invitation a reality. You can easily message your guest list on this website and track RSVPs and personalize your invitations there.

GreenVelope enables you to quickly upload your guest’s contact information via a spreadsheet, email list, or address book after you’ve customized your electronic wedding invitation.

All of your guests’ emails are then verified as part of this service’s address validation process. This feature is intended to lessen the anxiety caused by the potential for your digital wedding cards to bounce.

Once your guests have received your digital wedding invitation, you can keep track of their RSVP responses in real-time, message your guest list with updates, and even create surveys to get their feedback on any possible wedding planning issues. Additionally, as your RSVP deadline draws near, GreenVelope will send automatic reminders to your visitors.


Although Minted is a well-known website for printed invitations, they now also provide digital invitations for weddings. Decide on the occasion first, such as your engagement party, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Then, scroll through a selection of designs that you can customize with your own colors, images, and other elements.

A cinematic experience is used by Minted to deliver digital wedding invitations. After selecting and customizing your electronic card, you get to pick the background for a brief video presentation in which the camera pans to finally reveal the design of your card.

These electronic invitations have been designed with desktops, mobile devices, and tablets in mind. You can see each preview’s visual appearance on the website with ease. Once you’re happy with the design, send your invitations to your guest list. Minted will assist in keeping track of RSVPs and let you quickly get in touch with your guests to share polls or updates.

Paperless Post

Choose from the designer wedding collection, digital wedding card designs, and flyer designs, or upload your own with Paperless Post. If you’re organizing a virtual, modern, destination, or rustic wedding, this service offers a wide selection of card designs to match your wedding theme.

You can choose to filter your results as you start looking through your options by popularity, price, color, shape, designer, and whether or not you want to add a photo. You can be certain that you and your partner will find the exact fashion you’re looking for in this way.

Don’t be afraid to include links to your wedding website or even gift registries when customizing your electronic wedding invitation. Choose a virtual backdrop and envelope style when customizing your card. You can see a preview of the interaction your guests will see as your digital invitation is animated to be taken out of its fictitious envelope before you click the send button.

Now, you can make a guest list, send invitations via email, or receive a link that you can use to text friends or post information about your wedding to social media. Once you’ve sent your invitations, Paperless Post will help you keep track of RSVPs and manage your guest list.


A variety of options for digital wedding invitations are also available on Etsy. If you’re not familiar with this online market, people create their own individual shops, giving you a variety of different artists and businesses to choose from on the Etsy website.

Choose a more traditional design for your digital wedding card, or consider some of the more imaginative options, such as watercolor portraits of you and your partner, or even a caricature design.

Depending on the Etsy shop you choose, different services may be provided, but in most cases, the owner will send you a digital file of the design you purchased. From there, you can quickly send this file to everyone on your guest list virtually using email, text, or social media.

Purchase of a digital template that you can customize and design yourself is another option for digital wedding invitations on Etsy. When you order a custom design or a couple of portraits, the company may need a few days to handcraft your digital art. However, some of these downloads are available immediately after purchase. If you need your invitations sent out right away, keep this in mind.

At Last

We hope you and your partner are now thinking about going digital since there are so many fantastic digital wedding invitation designs and services to select from. Compared to mailing out stationery, digital wedding cards can be more affordable and environmentally friendly, though it may not be the best choice for every couple.

There are no stamps, no envelopes, and no waiting for RSVP cards that were misplaced in the mail. Accepting digital invitations can be a quick and effective way to invite your visitors online and manage all of your RSVP information virtually.

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