Things to Consider While Buying an Air Cooler Buying Guide

The references for each factor provide in-depth information. You can select the model that best meets your needs with the assistance of this information.

1. Water Tank Capacity

An air cooler with a larger capacity tank draws out cool air for a longer period of time and requires fewer refills as much as possible. You ought to select a model based on your requirements.

Because the tank size is comparable to the actual size of the unit, it should be large enough to hold enough water and fill the available space.

Tower air conditioners, 15 to 30 liters, room air conditioners, 25 to 50 liters, desert air conditioners, 50 to 90 liters Capacity for cooling or delivery of air Depending on the size of the room you need to cool, the cooler should be the right size to work.

2. Cooling capacity Or Air Delivery

You need to have a space that is larger than the room’s measurements, and it should be at least equal to or larger than the room’s size.

It will be clearly mentioned the cooling area in the illustration or on the cooler’s name. This is listed under the heading “cooling area” or “secured area.”

The term CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used to estimate the airflow through the air cooler.

The CMF refers to the amount of air that goes through your room every minute. The ideal size of the air cooler is determined by calculating the required CMF for your room.

The fan moves more air throughout the room the higher the CMF (cubic feet per minute).

There is a straightforward estimation that will help you determine the appropriate size of the cooler you require.

Air delivery or air displacement (in CFM) is equal to the room’s area in square feet divided by its height in feet (the denominator factor 2 indicates that the air in the room is changed frequently).

For instance: Air displacement or air delivery CFM (cubic feet per minute) = 100 x 8/2 = 400 cubic feet per minute is the area. Numerous prominent businesses currently state the sir displacement in cubic meters per hour. The ceiling is 8 feet high and the room is 100 square feet in size.

The CMF (cubic meters per hour) value is multiplied by 1.699 to get cubic meters per hour.

1 cubic foot per minute equals 1.699 CFM.

The CMF (cubic meters per hour) value is multiplied by 1.699 to get cubic meters per hour. In the given example, the required cooler has a capacity of 400 CFM or approximately 680 cubic meters per hour.

In the given example, the required cooler has a capacity of 400 CFM or approximately 680 cubic meters per hour.

It is very important to have the right size cooler because a smaller cooler will take a long time to cool, and depending on the difference in wattage, the right-sized air cooler may use more energy.

3. Air cooler pads

cooling performance is directly impacted by cooling pads. They absorb the passing air’s warmth and cool it when they become wet from water dispersal.

You should opt for a thicker cooling pad for better cooling airflow. Honeycomb and wood wool cooling pads are the two types used.

Honey Comb cooling pad: Because they are made of cellulose, Honey Comb pads don’t need as much support. Wool pads, on the other hand, are made of synthetic fiber and wood shavings.

However, the problem here is that it is less durable and productive.

The Wood Wool Cooling Pad is made of sparse synthetic wood fibers. Most of the time, they look like grass. They need a lot of help, are solid, and are less skilled.

However, they are perfectly reasonable.

4. Size of the Air Cooler

If you’re lying on the bed and the cooler doesn’t reach above your bed level, it won’t be of any use. Therefore, it’s important to buy a cooler that is tall enough to blow air to your body level.

You must choose a cooler that complements your space perfectly.

Air coolers are available in tall towers and box-molded designs. You can purchase a variety of stands for coolers in the box size.

5. Power Consumption

Before you buy the cooler, look at how much power it uses. The cooler uses less power if the wattage is lower.

It’s okay to use anything between 160w and 220w. You can check the power consumption on the cooler’s sides and the depiction of the item.

6. Castor Wheels

If you plan to use your air cooler in multiple rooms, it’s best to get one with castor wheels. The cooler can be moved around the house with the help of a Castor wheel.

There are some alternatives with attachable wheels.

Castor wheels come in a variety of types. Since they lose their ability, there is hardly any plastic that can be considered to be long-lasting. The best option is a cooler made of castor with no compromises.

These are made of thick, flexible, and sturdy metal, which works best in the long run and makes it easier for you to push over rooms more frequently.

7. Water Level Indicator

This function shows how much water is in the air cooler. It assists the customer in determining when the unit’s water runs out or is about to run out.

This feature can be selected manually on some air coolers. You can use the same method when filling the water tank to avoid overfilling it.

8. Variable Speed Control Knob

There are three evaporative coolers included: low, medium, and high on the Variable Speed Control Knob. You can choose the fan power based on the amount of breeze you need, but the higher the speed, the noisier it will be.

9. Empty Tank Alarm

The Best Air Cooler with Empty Tank requires a minimum water level in order to function properly. By sounding a signal, this alarm will let the customer know that water levels have dropped to a fundamental level.

The client can use this to refill the water tank before it runs out of water completely. The engine may suffer damage if the water levels are not replenished in a timely manner or if the air functions without water.

Only the best models of the Best Air cooler of the line have this feature.

10. Pad Thickness

The amount of water absorbed by the cooling pad has a direct impact on air cooling. As a result, a crucial rule to keep in mind when analyzing this feature is that a cooling pad will produce more air.

The ideal thickness is thought to be 90 mm.

11. Design and the Remote Control’s Design:

Many people don’t want to buy air coolers because they take up a lot of space and don’t look good in the room.

These days, manufacturers offer tower air coolers in sleek, stylish designs. These Best Air Coolers are popular because they are powerful enough to use in large rooms while taking up less space.

Because the tower model blows air at a specific height and has two bearings, it needs to be close to the room’s edge. It is not widely used in homes and costs a little bit.

Choose an air cooler with a remote control because it will be easier for you to get to the cooler.

You don’t have to get up every time you want to change the speed; The speed of the fan can be easily controlled if you have a remote framework.

12. Ice Cube Tray and Shutoff Dampers

Ice Cube Tray – Very few coolers include an ice tray feature. You can keep the ice tray on top of the cooler because, as the ice melts, it blends in with the water tank and helps lower the water temperature by a few degrees.

Shutoff dampeners: Coolers are made so that when they let out cool air, they make sure that the coolness doesn’t come back from the cooler source.

The air that comes from the cooler is cooled by flaps or shut-off dampers at the release of the fans.

When the cooler is turned on, flaps are placed along the pipe. When the cooler is turned off, the flaps automatically open and close.

13. Air Cooler Suitable for Use with an Inverter

Air coolers are renowned for their low power consumption. There are a few Best Air coolers with features that can even handle inverters.

These coolers use up to half as little power as standard air coolers. This is the best option if your home experiences consistent power outages.

14. Brand, Price, and Warranty

It’s always okay to go with a well-known brand over something made locally, and you should also look at the warranty. The well-known brand will always fix the problem at your home and provide excellent customer service.

The best air conditioners on this list are all well-known brands, so you can buy them without worrying.

Price: Before purchasing the cooler, it is important to set a budget. The best air coolers from well-known brand cost anywhere from Rs 5000 to Rs 12,000 or more in India.

If you want a cooler with a large tank capacity, you’ll have to pay a little bit more.

In terms of my preference, I would recommend air coolers ranging from 30 to 50 liters, which can be purchased for between Rs 6000 and Rs 9000.

Warranty: Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty because few other manufacturers offer longer warranties. Choose the model with a longer warranty to ensure that you are protected after purchasing.

15. Coolers’ performance at a variety of temperatures

In hot and dry climates, air coolers perform admirably. The operation of the air cooler is contingent on the water’s dissipation in the air.

You will experience cooler air if the water dissipates more.

There will be a limit to the climate’s air-holding capacity; if there is already humidity, it will not be able to hold more water and provide excellent cooling effects.

In dry regions, it will be cooler. This way, the effect of the best air cooler will be less pronounced as the higher the humidity.

The new cooler expansion known as “Humidity Control” overcomes the disadvantages.

This unique feature makes Symphony Cooler models from top brands like Bajaj suitable for use in damp coastal areas.

Relationship between the air’s humidity and the temperature outside. When the air temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.3 degrees Celsius) and the humidity is 30%, the outside air cools down to 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23.3 degrees Celsius).

As the humidity continues to rise, the temperature that comes from the cooler also rises.

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