The Most Popular Styles of Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement ring trends keep on changing periodically. Every year, a new engagement ring design comes into the market and vanishes in a blink without even being noticed.

But no ring design has ever come close to the classic beauty of the solitaire engagement ring. The solitaire ring has been in trend for centuries, and with time the craze for this ring has only amplified.

Solitaire is beautiful because of its admirable simplicity that induces romance like no other. When it comes to expressing your deep love for her, a solitaire ring is a perfect way to go. Because the singular stone in the solitaire ring is the symbol of two souls becoming one, signifying a bond that can never be broken. This ring has only one stone without any side-stone setting that locks all the attention to the center stone.

So, if you’re thinking of proposing to your loved one, a solitaire ring is the one that can set her heart on fire. I have written down some of the most adored solitaire ring styles that can elevate your charm significantly.

Four Claw Setting Solitaire Ring

When the center stone is held by four prongs, they make sure that it stays in its place intact. Four claw setting is one of the most iconic settings in the world of engagement rings; it allows the utmost amount of light to enter the stone and gives more sparkle and brilliance to the stone. The minimum number of prongs boasts an elegant appearance and allows the singular stone to enjoy all the attention.

The four prongs in the ring are the symbol of stability and balance that are required to lead a happy married life. This ring will reflect romance and love that she will cherish for her life.

Six Claw Setting Solitaire Ring

In the six-claw solitaire ring setting, the stone gets the protection of six prongs that ensure its stability of the stone. The six claws in the solitaire ring look remarkably classic and versatile, making it a perfect setting for the engagement ring.

The six claws also symbolize the stability and support that every couple has to have in their relationship so that the bond can grow strong. So, if you’re ready to tie the knot with your significant other and want to give her your support in every phase of life, the six-claw setting is for you.

Cathedral Solitaire Ring

Cathedral rings boast classy vibes and have been on the list of favorite engagement rings for women. These rings have their own uniqueness which lies in their beautiful design. The two arches holding the center stone like a crown up to its girdle give a classic and versatile appearance to the ring.

The beauty of the cathedral solitaire ring will catch all her attention and make her day special. If you want a gemstone that best conveys your intense love and commitment to her, then this ring will be the best gift for your partner on your engagement day. Ruby Solitaire Ring is a symbol of passionate love and devotion, making it a perfect stone for lovers.

When you gift a solitaire engagement ring to your partner, you don’t just gift her a mere ring, but you give her your trust, commitment, support, and love along with it. Design your solitaire engagement ring in a way that elevates your woman’s appearance and complements her outfit.

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