Should I Live Stream or Pre-Record For A Virtual Event?

Though both live streaming and pre-recorded videos have their own merits and downsides, one is more suitable than the other depending on the needs. The number of virtual events has risen significantly owing to the pandemic. The mass gatherings were curbed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Although virtual events are not new, they have been undergoing many face-lifts to improve their reach and engagement. There are two different ways to hold the event and pre-record it. Each of these options has its own set and these are mentioned below. Knowing about these helps to choose between the two.


Pre-recording an event rather than using streaming software involves taping all the relevant footage needed, majorly the speaker presentations. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, this happen through remote recording where the technical production is done from a different location than the speaker.


  • Pre-recording the footage gives the speaker and technical assistant more control over the content and extra effort can be put into the aesthetic appeal of the event. Everything for the recording is prepared beforehand, there is room to design the transitions and animations of the slide.
  • Since everything is prerecorded, any errors can be edited out. The organizers and moderators can rest easy as the speaker cannot say anything less.
  • Pre-recording an event means that the pressure on the speaker is less and they are more comfortable knowing that they can retake the sequence in case of a fumble. For the technical operators of virtual events, it becomes less pressurizing since no troubleshooting is required.
  • In the case of virtual presentations, there is a unique opportunity to merge the elements of an in-person event with a slate of technical and creative broadcasting tools.


  • Pre-recording all the footage can help to achieve and make an event come across as being too scripted. A gap in terms of engagement also exists as there is no chance for a real-time Q&A.
  • During the production stage, a lot of work is done and these events inevitably will come with a higher price tag. The additional features like speakers, and animating motion graphics. A lot of time is needed to schedule the recordings with the speakers and edit the footage.


The virtual events are streamed and broadcast to a real-time audience.


  • The audience gets to watch the live streams unedited and takes the authenticity factor compared to the pre-recordings. The things unfold on the screen which makes them more dynamic. By streaming the event, audience engagement also increases and the viewers can participate in polls or the Q&A sessions with the speakers and hosts.
  • Deciding to go live helps to save time and money and the live events hardly have any room for visual effects. The animations and transitions due to the time constraints mean editing can be reduced.
  • Since there are not a lot of extra bells and whistles attached to a live event, the cost automatically lessens. It might need something as little as a smartphone or a laptop. The online event streaming platform is one very important consideration.


  • Since everything happens in real-time, the probability of something going wrong. There might be a little work in the production stage but the burden of the workload on the day of the event makes up for it. Technical glitches are unavoidable even for well-prepared people. The quality of the stream depends on the stability of the internet connection and the online event streaming platform.
  • Since these events are a one-time take and there is no option to repeat or a do-over. The stumbling of a speaker may become memorable but not for a good reason and there is a chance that it might leave a bad impression on the brand. It is therefore very important to rehearse and practice before the big stream.

Since technology in today’s time is leaping forward at a fast pace with a large magnitude. Something that was not possible a few years ago is now mind-boggling. With the latest breakthroughs in several technologies, the presenters can collect the most minute facial expressions to determine and engage the audience.

  • The capabilities of the screen where the green color is isolated and can be removed and replaced with a different background. This effect is known as chroma key and the technology has been around for decades and is still improving and is an effective tool for production values.
  • Projection mapping uses projectors pointed at architecture and changes their virtual nature and the content is fed to the projectors and perfectly lines up with the object and appears to wrap. An exciting and visually stunning technology that can be used at any scale.
  • The next generation process for the film, broadcast, and live event production. The camera tracking with real-time rendering is set to create an incredible environment. The camera moves and the environment on the set move with it. The talent is in an actual environment and a green screen can be used to change the environment.
  • The attendees experiencing an event on the computer or a mobile device instead of an in-person event may seem like a lesser experience. Virtual events are gaining popularity due to creative ways of capturing and presenting content. The decision on whether to have the presenters perform live or have their segment pre-produced all comes down to two things-time money.


The benefits and drawbacks of both live and pre-recorded events are mentioned as the way they can be used by the brands. The cost and time-saving characteristic of a live event and the control in the case of a pre-recorded video is the benefit of both respectively. Reading the entire text helps to identify the preferred format. The fast-pacing technology and platforms, like Mixhubb, inform the readers about the additional facilities available that might help in recording or live streaming a video. Some many other pros and cons might be mentioned in another article.

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