Say Goodbye To Procrastination and Get Things Done: A Learner’s Guide

Are you one of the students who are never able to get the work done until the deadline arrives? Do you also face trouble while making time to do your homework but somehow you always get involved in another activity and forget about what you were doing? If you are from this category, then this blog is just for you!

As a student, we all face a similar situation where we start our work but somehow land on something else which is less productive and more enjoyable. Things easily distract us and divert our attention toward something that did not require attention in the first place. Such situations cause great trouble when the deadline for a submission arises. At the last minute, you understand how badly the task needed to be done and the time it required which you wasted. But, because now that you have successfully wasted almost all of it, there is nothing you can do except just get your assignment done without putting much effort. Procrastination stops you from creating a better piece of work and putting in extra effort to make it reliable. You lose your potential due to the time you wasted and when you start it at the last minute, the time you should have taken to be more creative at it is lost.

Many people procrastinate because of fear or lack of self-confidence. They believe they will not be able to do a good job at completing their assignment or have insufficient knowledge and skills. In addition to that, they take the burden way too much which kills any type of creativity they could have incorporated into the document. When you are worried, you lose all the sense of thinking smartly and finding a better way to do your job. It makes your head go into a frenzy that sends you mixed signals and, in the end, you are convinced to not be the perfect person to do the work. For a student, it is essential to be creative and proactive to have a better educational career and achieve goals. Until and unless you are not ready to adopt a proactive approach, you would never be able to achieve your goals. To be successful, it is necessary that you must have a list of strategies to implement while you are working towards achieving a milestone.

Here are a few tricks to get up your sleeve about how you can have a proactive approach towards your education as well as professional life rather than procrastinating.

1) Fix a Schedule

For students, it is very common to set an alarm to wake up for college or university. To get to class early or at least in time to not be late, everybody fixes an alarm. You must set your time at least an hour before the actual time you wake up. It will help you wake up and give you enough time to just sit in bed and relax. Once you are awake, think about what you need to get done today and make a schedule. Fix a time for everything from your breakfast to attending a lecture so you will have an idea about how much time you spend on one activity. Once you start working by the clock, you will notice a prominent difference in your routine.

2) Discover Your Motto!

It is very important to make a motto to go by. It guides your goals and helps you achieve what you want by working through them. For example, if you need to be happy you must have a motto that says “Live in the moment”. This is the most common motto of most people who want to enjoy their life without worrying about anything. You should also set one for yourself that will help you act today to avoid leaving things on tomorrow.

If you act today, you will be able to meet your deadline much faster than leaving things for the last minute. If you have an assignment to submit at the end of the week, try to do it in the middle of the week. You will also get enough time to edit it or change some of the information if you require it.

3) Be Thoughtful about Problems and Provide Solution-Oriented Reaction

Instead of letting the problem burden your mind, think of the outcome and the next step. Once you know what can happen if you do not have a solution, you will automatically think about the alternatives that can tackle the situation. Think about what will be your next outtake and if it will be effective. Knowing how having a solution to your problem is better than not facing it at all, you will be more indulgent in critical thinking. Once you start it, you will notice enjoying it.

4) Finish Your Tasks Completely

To manage deadlines, it is necessary that you complete your work whenever you start it rather than delaying it. If it is lengthy or requires too many details, then make small pieces to complete each day. Once it is done, compile the work but make sure to not leave it till the end of the submission time. Always try to finish your work a day or two before submission so in case you face any issue regarding submission error or technical difficulty, you will have time to fix it.

5) Mix and Match the Tasks You Need to Complete

Make a completion date for each task and do it on alternative days to avoid facing burnout. If you will do a boring task one day and the one that interests you the next, you will be able to bring more creativity. Consider it like this, if you were to eat a steak every day, you will eventually get bored of it at some point of your stomach would just say a big no to it. But if you eat a steak one day and veggies the next and then different meals, you will be able to enjoy steak each time you will get it once a week or on alternative days. Similarly, break down the tasks and do them on alternative days to avoid getting bored. You can also take Write My Assignment from an expert to guide you with how to make a schedule.

6) Surround Yourself With Active Individuals

Your company matters a lot. People you surround yourself with have a great influence on building your personality. If you believe you are lazy or not interested in studies or you take too much time to get your assignments done, then be around people who are interested in their work. These types of people will motivate you to also do the work as teamwork helps in solving tasks much faster than doing them alone.

If you got practice questions, solve them with a friend so you will be able to complete them together and have someone to help out. Proactive people have a trait that makes them stand out in that they are always ready to face any project. They always think of it as a learning opportunity and get involved to the depth. This allows them to think of different solutions to the situations they face and have enough time to find better reasoning.

7) Accept Issues as Unavoidable Byproducts of Advancement and Development

Decisions made in the present only have an impact on the future because there is nothing like a future decision that impacts your life. Procrastinators delay until the ideal time to make a choice.

And if you hold off until the right time, you’ll end up running in place and unintentionally burying yourself farther into your rut. Go from a procrastinator to a proactive and productive person by stepping outside of your safety zone.

8) Own Yourself

The most important thing that a student must learn and remember is to “Own Yourself”. You will be successful if you accept who you are, where you have come from, and where you want to go. An individual must perform a self-evaluation to figure out their strong and weak points to understand where the need to work is required. Once you have guidance, you will get on track and be able to fulfill every desire you wish to achieve.

Your career is fully dependent on your hard work and your achievements. Every person is born with the capability to work on himself and make themselves better by practicing. In order to achieve a goal, you must form a strategy and guidelines. They will form a path for you to reach each milestone on the time you have set for yourself. Your objectives will help you complete each task and bring efficiency.

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