Rene Lincks and The Richards

Renee Lincks was a 15-year-old girl when she committed one of the most heinous crimes in Florida’s history. In February 1999, they conspired to murder her father and his girlfriend.

The Richards’ and Renee Lincks’s Early History


The Richards and Renee Lincks’ early history is a story of two families who came to America from Germany in the 1700s. The Richards were from the small town of Ziegenhain in Hesse-Cassel, and the Lincks were from the nearby village of Wetzlar. Both families were Protestants, and both had their roots in farming.

The first members of the Richards family to come to America were Jacob and Maria (Klein) Richards, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1733. They settled in what is now Berks County, Pennsylvania, where they raised their family of six children.

In 1750, one of their sons, John Jacob Richards, married Anna Maria Lincks, the daughter of Peter and Anna Maria (Bender) Lincks. John Jacob and Anna Maria had eleven children together.

The Richards and Lincks families were close throughout their history in America. Many of their descendants intermarried over the generations. Today, there are many people with both Richards and Lincks ancestry.

How Lincks and the Richards met


Rene Lincks and The Richards met in the summer of 2013 when Rene was working as a lifeguard at a local pool. The Richards were out for a swim with their two young children when Rene noticed that one of the children appeared to be in distress. Rene quickly swam over and rescued the child, who was then taken to the hospital and treated for an ear infection.

After the incident, the Richards thanked Rene for his quick thinking and bravery. They struck up a conversation and discovered that they had a lot in common. They became friends and have been inseparable ever since.

The Richards and Lincks Plot to Rob a House


The Richards and Lincks were two criminal masterminds who hatched a plan to rob a house. They cased the joint for weeks, learning the comings and goings of the occupants. They planned their heist for a Friday night when they knew the residents would be out at a party.

They broke into the home through a window, ransacking the place for valuables. Just as they were about to make their escape, the homeowners returned unexpectedly and caught them in the act. The Richards and Lincks were arrested on the spot and sent to prison for their crimes.

What Happened the Night of the Robbery


It was a typical summer night in the small town of Richards. The sun had begun to set and the streets were empty. Most of the town’s residents were inside their homes, preparing for bed. However, there was one group of people who were still awake and busy at work. This group was made up of the town’s criminals.

One of these criminals was Rene Lincks. Rene was a small-time thief who had been caught and arrested several times before. However, he had never been convicted of a crime. This meant that he was still able to walk the streets freely.

Rene had been planning a robbery for weeks. He had scoped out his target – the local grocery store – and he knew exactly when it would be most vulnerable: late at night when everyone was asleep.

Around 11 PM, Rene made his move. He snuck into the grocery store through a back door that he had unlocked earlier in the day. Once inside, he quickly grabbed some items from the shelves and ran out the front door.

Unfortunately for Rene, one of the store’s employees had seen him enter the store and called the police. Officer James arrived on the scene just as Rene was leaving the store. He chased Rene down and apprehended him after a short foot chase.

Rene was arrested and charged with burglary. He is currently awaiting trial in jail. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in



Rene Lincks was a remarkable woman who overcame many challenges in her life. She was born in poverty and experienced many difficult times throughout her childhood and young adulthood. Despite all of this, she was able to find success and happiness later in life.

Rene was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the year1911. Her father died when she was just a baby and her mother struggled to support the family. Rene had to drop out of school after the eighth grade to help support her family. She worked various odd jobs until she was able to get a job as a secretary for a local businessman.

Rene met her husband, John Lincks while working as a secretary. They were married for over 50 years and had three children together. Rene was very active in her community and served on several boards and committees. She was also an excellent cook and loved to entertain guests in her home.

Rene passed away in 2012 at the age of 101. She will be remembered as a strong and independent woman who overcame great adversity to find success and happiness in her later years.



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