Microsoft Business Basic: The Future of Productivity Suites for Small Businesses

Do you also find the 9–5 job boring? No worries, you are not alone. Many people in the world find it boring. And therefore, every half of the population is switching from jobs to small businesses. Holding a business lights up our courage to conquer the risks and challenges that come our way. Through business, one finds ample opportunities. To run a business smoothly, it is essential to buy software that will help them easily collaborate with their teams, and the best software to use is Microsoft 365. There are three to four subscription plans in Microsoft 365. All the plans help businesses increase their efficiency and productivity. 

In this article, we will understand the benefits of M365 for small businesses and which plan is best for them.

Microsoft 365

Till 2011, Microsoft 365 was known as Office 365, but now, after 2011, it is quite popular as Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is a famous software that is used across the world by 50 billion people. Microsoft provides all kinds of plans, no matter whether you own a small, medium, or large business. With the M365 tool, it becomes easy for one to collaborate with the whole team.

About Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Basic is a wholesome solution for small businesses. With this, all work can be managed easily and it offers full flexibility. Business Basic provides a powerful email system. Microsoft Business Basic allows you to run your business from anywhere. Thus, offering a flexible solution.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 (Business Basic)

Microsoft 365 is used by many businesses, and the major reason behind this is that it provides a lot of benefits. It does not only provide benefits to businesses but also to students and their families. Now a question arises: why should it be used by small businesses? Let’s discuss why small businesses should use it.

The following benefits are:

  1. Affordable:

Microsoft 365 for small businesses provides a complete productivity suite that offers all the necessary applications to businesses so that they can accomplish their tasks. The small business Microsoft 365 plan is affordable, and one does not have to pay a higher amount to make use of the Microsoft 365 business basic. To avail of the plan at affordable prices, one can get in touch with the Microsoft Partner, as they provide full support after the deployment.

  • Easy to use:

Microsoft 365 is not complicated software; rather, it is very easy to use. One does not need to learn it separately. This easy-to-use tool has benefited a lot of businesses. No one gains experience until he or she tries. In the same way, if a small business team includes an inexperienced worker, they will also come to understand all the aspects of the tool.

  • Fast and secure email with Outlook app:

Email plays a major role in businesses, and without it, none of the businesses can function properly. In a business basic plan, businesses can avail themselves of the benefits of Outlook, with features like a 50GB mailbox and attachments up to 25 MB.

  • Flexible:

Microsoft 365 includes all the plans, ranging from a small business to a large business. A small business usually includes a smaller number of workers, and when starting, a higher budget is not set. Therefore, to meet the needs of small businesses, a Microsoft 365 business basic plan is available, which does not compromise productivity and efficiency.

  • Easy to collaborate:

Whether you buy Microsoft 365 Business Basics or a business standard, All of them invite easy collaboration between co-workers. With the team’s app included in a plan, you can easily hold an instant meeting from anywhere and at any time. Besides, you can collaborate on the same document at the same time.

  • Secure to use:

Microsoft 365 is secure to use, and there is no doubt that Microsoft 365 has tried its best to improve the security policies in all its plans. Though a premium plan includes a higher level of security, in a business basic plan, all the documents and files remain saved, and it becomes more convenient when you have other options too, like a firewall connected to your network or an antivirus solution.

Features of Microsoft 365 Business Basic

The following features of Microsoft 365 Business Basic are:

  1. Emails and Calendars

By availing of the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan, one gets a 50GB mailbox per user and can mail attachments up to 150 MB.

  • Secure cloud storage

Running a small business is also not an easy task, and, in this case, one also needs to store many files and documents. So, for that, the Microsoft 365 business basic plan provides a secure 1TB of cloud storage where all the files can be edited and shared on all devices.

  • Access to all the Microsoft apps

With Microsoft Business Basic, one also gets access to all the apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. And on all the applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, one can easily collaborate and edit the file at the same time.

  • Quick messaging and virtual meetings

With Microsoft Teams, messages can be sent quickly, and virtual meetings can be conducted. All the features of calling and messaging are available in one application.

  • Intranet

In Microsoft 365 Business Basic, one gets a SharePoint app through which employees can be engaged, and the organization can easily share knowledge, content, and other related information with the team through SharePoint.

Disadvantages of Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Besides the advantages of Microsoft 365 Business Basic, there are the following disadvantages: Some of them are:

  1. Lacks advance features:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic does not include advanced features like access and publishing.

  • Not much secure:

Microsoft 365 Business is less secure than a standard or premium plan. It does not include BI and AI features to detect cyber threats quickly.

  • Does not support mobile:

The applications available in Microsoft 365 business basic plans support the web only, and one cannot run those applications on a mobile phone because of some restrictions.

  • Lacks BYOD concept:

In the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan, the BYOD concept is available, which ensures full security for business data. Whereas in a business basic plan, this feature is unavailable, and therefore, a small business cannot give employees the freedom to work from their devices.

Bottom Line

So far in this article, we have discussed all the features and benefits of using Microsoft 365 Business Basic. Though it lacks certain demerits, there is also an advantage, and the best thing about the business basic plan is that one does not have to incur a huge cost while deploying it. This is the most suitable plan for small business owners. When a business has the best software to carry out its work, only it will be able to contribute to the Indian economy.

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