Kevin Durant Basketball Star

KD is a basketball player for the NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. With over 20 years of experience, KD has won two MVP Awards and in 2014 he was voted one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.


Kevin Durant: Basketball Star


Kevin Durant is a basketball superstar. He has won championships with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors, and he is currently a member of the Warriors. Durant has been called one of the best players in history, and he is sure to continue his success in the future. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Durant:


  1. He was born in Oakland, California.
  2. Durant started playing basketball at a young age.
  3. He attended Lincoln High School in Oakland, where he was a star player.
  4. Durant went on to play college basketball at Texas Tech University.
  5. Durant was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2008, but he never played for them because they were sold to Oklahoma City six months later.
  6. In 2012, Durant joined the Thunder, and he helped them win their first championship in 2013.
  7. The next year, Oklahoma City won their second championship with Durant playing a major role.
  8. In 2016, Durant joined the Warriors and helped them become champions in 2017.


Successful Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Kevin Durant is one of the most successful basketball players in history. He has won multiple championships and accolades, and is considered one of the greatest players in the game. But, like many successful athletes, Durant wasn’t always a superstar. In fact, he started out as a small forward.

What made Durant so successful?

Durant’s success can be attributed to his work ethic and determination. He was always determined to be the best, and he never gave up on his dreams. His work ethic is legendary; even when he was playing in the NBA’s Development League, he would travel to games to workout with the team.

Durant’s determination has also led him to achieve great things off the court. For example, he is currently a spokesperson for Nike and has helped create new marketing campaigns for their products.

So if you’re looking for someone who will work hard and achieve success, look no further than Kevin Durant.


KD’s Early Life as a Child Phenomenon


Kevin Durant had a very unusual childhood. He was born in Seattle, Washington to two teenage parents. His mother, Wanda Pratt, was 17 when she gave birth to Durant and his father, Wayne Pratt, was 18. Durant has said that his upbringing was tough. His family lived in poverty and he often had to help his mother with the bills. He also had to deal with the fact that he was always different from the other kids in his neighborhood. Durant has said that he was always the smallest kid and that he never fit in with anyone else.

But Durant’s struggles did not stop him from excelling in basketball. When he was just 8 years old, he started playing for a local team called the Mountaineers. By the time he was 10 years old, Durant had already developed into one of the best players in the area. In 2002, KD joined the varsity team at Highland High School and led them to a state championship. After graduating from high school, KD enrolled at Florida State University where he continued to play superb basketball for the Seminoles. In 2009, KD left Florida State to join the Oklahoma City Thunder and quickly became one of the most promising young players in the NBA.


Breaking Down the Similarities Between KD and Other NBA Superstars


Kevin Durant may have just been announced as the newest member of the Golden State Warriors, but he is by no means a new face in the NBA. In fact, Durant has already established himself as one of the best players in the league and is likely to only get better with time. So how does KD compare to other NBA superstars? Here are five ways in which KD stands out from his peers:


1.Durant is a prolific scorer.

Durant is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history. Over his career, he has averaged 27.4 points per game on 49% shooting from the field and 50% shooting from three-point range. He has also scored over 30 points in a season on multiple occasions, including 36 points against the Memphis Grizzlies in 2016 and 35 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017. These numbers make him one of the most potent scoring threats in the league, no matter who his opponent is.

2.He can take over a game.

Durant is also an extremely versatile player. He can play both forward positions well and has even shown some capability at point guard (he played sparingly at point guard during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder).


Breaking Down the Differences Between KD and Other NBA Superstars


Kevin Durant is one of the most well-known and successful professional basketball players in the world. He has won multiple championships with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and is considered one of the greatest players of his generation. However, there are major differences between KD and other NBA superstars. Here are four key differences:


  1. KD is a versatile scorer. He can score from anywhere on the court, whether it’s off a pick and roll or a quick shot from long range. This makes him extremely difficult to defend, and often results in him scoring points at a high rate.


  1. KD is an excellent passer. He frequently finds teammates for assists, which helps his team build an effective offense. Furthermore, he is very capable of creating shots for himself or others using his passing skills.


  1. KD is a fierce defender. He routinely shuts down opponents on defense, leading to goaltending and steals that help his team secure easy baskets. Not to mention, he has impressive leaping ability, which allows him to block shots and steal balls near the rim.


  1. KD is known for toughness and determination. Even when playing against teams with bigger names and stronger defenders, he never gives up

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