Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: The Spectacular Beauty

If you’re looking for the best trek in Kashmir, look no further than the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, which consistently ranks as one of the top treks in India. Can you imagine a more stunning combination than the five alpine lakes that lap in the dreamscape of Kashmir? The sheer mention of Kashmir Great Lakes is enough to get any hiker excited, and for good cause. When it comes to scenic treks, the Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek stands head and shoulders above the rest. The route of this Himalayan Trekking takes you past five stunning alpine lakes.

Every day is just as thrilling as the last because of the lakes that come one after the other. Does anyone else long for the adrenaline and excitement of a pass/summit day? If you want to experience all of these and more, consider the Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking route. Seeing these lakes as they are being fed by the snowy mountains is an added bonus. Perhaps, if you’re very lucky, you’ll even see an iceberg floating peacefully across the lake’s brilliant blues and greens. Beautiful, if slightly distorted, reflections of the surrounding mountains may be seen in the lake. In order to complete Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, you’ll need to be in excellent physical condition, as the trek is extremely challenging and features numerous inclines and declines.

The Great Lakes of Kashmir


After hiking through the stunning Alpine lakes of the Himalayas, you’ll descend into the equally stunning Kashmiri grasslands. One can always find a fresh field to wander in. The walk passes through a variety of landscapes, from pine and maple-lined meadows to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. At the end of the fourth day of hiking, you’ll have a spectacular view of the vast Satsar Plains, where a bubbling stream winds its way over the landscape. Kashmir’s great lakes trip is not for the faint of heart, as it involves a steep ascent (up to 13,800 feet) and requires a serious fitness regimen. When you’re physically fit, you’re able to see and do more. You should not miss this hike if you have a passion for the outdoors. If hiking in the mountains and seeking adventure are your callings, let us help you plan a trip to India’s Kashmir region to hike the Great Lakes. Now is the time to check out the wonderful lakes of Kashmir trekking guides and reviews. Visit our 2019 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek dates page right away to reserve your spots.

Seasonal Ideality for Visiting Kashmir’s Great Lakes


Kashmir’s great lakes journey is at its most beautiful in July and August when the region’s flora and fauna are at their peak. In June, the snow melts, revealing a vibrant carpet of colors beneath. During this time frame, the weather is also very good.

Weather in Kashmir Across the Great Lakes


Daytime highs average 17–20 degrees Celsius, while overnight lows hover around 4 degrees.

You are strongly encouraged to build a day of leeway into your itinerary in case you encounter any unforeseen delays due to inclement weather or political unrest during your trip. Everything hinges on what happens in the state of Kashmir. In the event that a buffer day is utilized, you would be charged Rs 1800/- each day.

No one will be able to begin their Trekmunk journey without first signing a waiver and obtaining a doctor’s medical certification at least 15 days before the trek begins. You’ll need to provide a photo of your ID on the website as well. This paperwork is required to secure the necessary permit from the tourism department, which is only issued 10 days or earlier prior to the scheduled start of the walk. All of this can be done digitally without the need for any paper at all.



The First Day: Getting to Shirdi, the Starting Point

Day 2 of the trek takes you from Sonamarg to Nichnai by way of Shakur.

Travel from Nichnai to Vishnusar Lake on Day 3.

On day four, hikers will make their way from Vishnusar to Gadsar by way of the Kishansar lake and the Gadsar Pass.

Travel from Gadsar to Satsar on Day 5

Hike from Satsar to the twin lakes of Gangabal on Day 6.

Travel by car to Srinagar after a day of hiking from Gangabal to Naranag

A resting day, the eighth



From the designated pickup location in Srinagar, we may get you into a taxi at your expense. Participants in the hike can chip in for the cab fare. Before our trek’s scheduled departure date, we’ll establish a Whatsapp Group to coordinate logistics and share information. Similar arrangements will be made for the trek’s end-point drop-off in Srinagar.

By Air

The airport in Srinagar has excellent transport links to the country’s major cities. Fly often from Delhi, Jammu, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Kolkata. Nearly 70 kilometers separate Sonamarg from Srinagar’s airport.

By Vehicle

Those traveling to Sonamarg from other regions of India can do so via National Highway 1D. There are plenty of public buses that run between the Srinagar bus station and Sonamarg, which is located roughly 87 kilometers distant. Travelers may easily reach Delhi, Chandigarh, and Jammu from the Srinagar Bus Stand.

By Train

The most accessible terminal is the Jammu Tawi Railway station, from which regular buses and taxis depart for Srinagar and beyond Sonamarg.

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