How to migrate to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace without losing data?

All businesses these days focus on increasing their productivity, so tools like G Suite and Microsoft 365 are used. Often, many businesses remain confused while choosing between Microsoft 365 and G Suite. It is believed that for organizations that are small or new to business, G Workspace is a better tool. On the other hand, for organizations that are large and want comprehensive security, Microsoft 365 is the best tool to use. We know that every business needs a higher level of security, and hence, it is crucial for businesses to implement a tool like Microsoft 365. 

In this article, we will understand how a business should migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Why migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365?

There are many reasons why a business should migrate to M365:

  1. Better functions:

 The main reason why people shift from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is because it performs better and is very popular for its speed and accessibility.

  • Simple subscription plans:

There are a wide range of plans available in Microsoft 365. All the plans vary according to the size of the businesses. There are business plans as well as enterprise plans. Businesses can select any plan that satisfies their needs.

  • Wide cloud storage:

After your business gets scaled, you need excess cloud storage, which helps you save all the documents and files in one place. And Microsoft 365 offers a large amount of cloud storage in their business and enterprise plans.

  • Integration of Microsoft 365 apps with Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a highly collaborative tool that is used to easily communicate with team members. Besides using teams for chatting and video conferencing, it can be integrated with other apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many more.

  • Security:

Customer data is very confidential, and therefore, one needs to protect the data with full care. This is also the main reason why businesses migrate to M365. As they know, M365 offers a high-end level of security that secures customer and business data from loss. However, Google Workspace also provides security, but M365 has more advanced features than Google Workspace.

Steps to transfer Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

One of the simplest methods to transfer your Gworkspace to Microsoft 365 is to make use of Google Workspace backup solutions. This is an efficient method, and with this method, there are negligible chances of getting your data lost. Various steps to transfer are:

Step 1: Install the Google Workspace Backup tool on your system.

Step 2: Download and run the software as an administrator.

Step 3: Add a username and service ID; browse the P12 file to sign in.

Step 4: Choose the user mailboxes you want to migrate and select Next.

Step 5. See the Gmail icon in the software wizard.

Step 6: Visit Microsoft 365 as the migration option in the left panel.

Step 7. Choose the Advance Settings options.

Step 8: Log in to Microsoft 365 by adding a username and password.

Step 9: Select the backup option and start the migration process.

Step 10: Write the output folder name and then click OK.

Step 11: Successfully, your Gworkspace account is being migrated to Microsoft 365.

How to prepare for Migration?

After following these steps, it will be better to prepare for the migration process. Let’s know how to prepare for the migration process.

  • clearly understands the migration tools:

First of all, know which migration tools are available to you. An exchange admin center is important in this process. Even if you are a first-time user, the new EAC provides an easy-to-use interface. With EAC, you can also develop your migration batches.

  • Data loss concerns:

The main thing to remember during the Microsoft 365 migration process is that data should not be lost. Before migration, make sure that you have a SaaS backup.

  • Setting up the Migration endpoint:

To begin the process of migration, visit the exchange admin center. A migration tab will appear, and by clicking on it, you will be directed to the migration endpoint page.

  • Creating a new migration endpoint:

In a migration wizard, you will be asked to choose a migration endpoint or develop a new migration point. Select the migration type from the following list mentioned below:

  • Configuration of the migration batches:

After you have created a migration endpoint, configure your migration batches. There are two ways through which you can configure the batches, and they include CSV, user mailboxes, and batch creation.

Problems you might face during migration to M365

There are a lot of problems that one might face during the migration to M365, and some of those problems are:

  • Determining what the organization needs:

Before migration, consider the specific needs of an organization. Accordingly, decide which business goals and the mission you are working towards. Consider the following set of questions:

  • Which applications are needed for migrating the data?
  • How do you train users on a new platform?
  • Which technical support will be needed?
  • Planning the migration strategy:

If you do not plan, you will not be able to accomplish the tasks. So, before migrating, plan out everything, like a clear road map that includes all the steps, timelines, and milestones. By executing all the planning, you will not face any problems in migration.

  • Adoption and Training:

While deploying Microsoft 365, make sure that your employees know how to use the tools efficiently. By providing training, the employees will become familiar with Microsoft 365.

  • Compatibility and integration issues:

While migrating to Microsoft 365, there are chances that one may face some compatibility issues. So, organizations must solve all the compatibility issues to confirm a smooth migration process.

There are many other problems that you might face during the migration process, so it is better to seek the help of Office 365 migration consultants. There are many Microsoft 365 vendors but select only those who are reliable and have experience handling all kinds of migration.


Microsoft 365 offers a wide variety of products that are used to increase the productivity of employees. Though Google Workspace also offers various amazing features, the major concern of every business is providing security. Hence, businesses are choosing M365 over Google Workspace. In this article, we have also mentioned the detailed steps that will help you migrate the tool successfully.

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