How to Keep Your Jewelry Nice and Sparkly

Jewelry plays a crucial role in making a fashion statement. Necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories add that touch of glamor and sophistication, elevating even the simplest outfit. All you have to do when choosing the perfect accessory for your dress is a little mix-and-matching, wherein you consider several factors like color, material, and design. Pick one that complements and adds the kind of sparkle that brings out the beauty in you. You’ll be surprised by how much attention you can get when you walk into a room.

But while the essence of jewelry is to make you even more beautiful, they are very delicate and can tarnish over time. That is why it’s important to learn proper jewelry care to ensure that every piece can keep its shine for years to come. Before we proceed to that—it’s best to first know the aspects that can take away your jewelry’s sparkle.

Factors That Can Damage Your Jewelry 

Extreme Temperatures 

Depending on the piece’s material and structure, extreme temperatures can damage your lovely jewelry. Below-freezing temperatures can make gemstones like emeralds and opals fracture and explode. Meanwhile, other precious metals may fade, deform, or brittle when you expose them to direct sunlight for long hours.

Moisture and Chemical Exposure

The quickest way to tarnish your jewelry is by keeping them in contact with any kind of liquid and moisture. Water, lotions, perfumes, and even your body oils and sweat can wear down your accessory’s beauty. Alongside them are chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, bleach, and acetone, which can cause corrosion, discoloration, and deterioration.

Improper Storage

In addition to the factors already mentioned, which can be involved improper storage, keeping different types of jewelry in one box can also damage your treasures. When softer metals bump into hard ones like diamonds, they may have blemishes and scratches. Worse, they may compromise their structural integrity.

Ways to Preserve Your Jewelry 

Now that we’ve learned the elements that can damage your shiny accessories, let’s take a look at ways to keep them shiny and sparkly.

Regularly Clean Your Jewelry 

Create a routine wherein you have to clean and polish your jewelry after each use. With all the sweat, air pollutants, dirt, and other substances it’s exposed to, it wouldn’t be a good idea to store it right away after wear. All the dirt would only build up on the surface and tarnish your precious accessory.

But know that every metal has different cleaning needs. For instance, using a toothpaste and soft-bristle toothbrush may be great for diamond pieces but not for silver accessories. Learn how to clean your jewelry properly and ensure to dry them using a soft cloth before storing it. 

Do not also forget the items that you don’t often wear because they still need constant care for that timeless elegance. It’s advised to clean them once every two to three months or whenever they start to look dull.

Store Them the Right Way 

When it comes to storing, the storage box itself may be one of the most important next to the perfect location without humidity, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. Hence, always opt for soft-lined jewelry boxes to ensure superior protection. It would also be best to look for one with lots of compartments for easy organization and to avoid scratches and damage.

Once you have the perfect storage solution, separate each jewelry piece by type and material. For instance, your engagement ring should not be stored together with your necklaces and bracelets. Or your diamond accessories should be kept away from other gemstones and delicate metals.

Have Frequent Checkups with a Professional Jeweller

It’s also a great idea to take your jewelry pieces to a professional jeweler once in a while to keep them in the best condition possible. Those people are trained to spot any damage that you cannot see with the naked eye. Additionally, they have the expertise and resources to polish your jewelry most safely. Not to mention that you can know how much they’re worth. By having regular checkups, you can help extend the life of your lovely pieces and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Wear Them With Care

Finally, extend your care when you’re going to use them. Avoid wearing them to situations like sports matches, training sessions, and other activities that require lots of movement. Instead, only wear them at important events where you’re required to doll up and look elegant. 

If you’re going to apply makeup, spray perfume, and use other cosmetic products, ensure to do them first before you wear your jewelry. This is because the chemical substances present in them may cause corrosion and discoloration. Not to mention the residue that can make the timeless pieces look dirty and stale.

The Bottom Line

Jewelry preservation is often overlooked due to the fact that people assume that they’re timeless. But just like how we get fine lines as we get older, your precious pieces also tarnish over time. Hence, it’s important to learn how to take care of them properly to keep them in their best condition for years to come.


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