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How Commuting Factors Influence Home Buying Decisions?

A majority of home buyers look at the features and amenities when buying a house. If you are a buyer too, one of the aspects you need to factor into your home buying decision is the commutation time. No wonder short and long commutes are a significant deal breaker when purchasing properties.

So, if you have been already eyeing new housing developments in Kelowna and Fraser Valley, consider the impact time carefully. With massive growth in the urban area and increased chances of traffic congestion, longer commute times are becoming a regular hurdle for individuals and families. If you want to achieve a better work-life balance, you need to consider the time for commutation to the office and elsewhere. 

Ways in which transit times affect the home buying choices

The time you spend in transit while moving out of your home may present confusing statistics. Well, a lot will depend on whether you are taking a public transport system or your car. Moreover, the traffic situation changes at different times of the day. To get an accurate representation of the travel time from your house, you need to factor in real-time data.

Make sure you start calculating the time during the early stages when researching new home developments in Kelowna and Fraser Valley. That way, you can avoid making a wrong decision and experience trouble with troublesome commuting expertise daily.

Here is how you need to factor in the commute time before buying a house or a lot:

  • If you are not working remotely but traveling to the office daily, two of the most important factors to consider are accessibility and convenience. The aim should be to achieve a balance between affordability and calculating lower commute times from Kelowna’s new developments.
  • Deciding the location of your house will also depend on whether you need to travel to the workplace at a fixed time every day or have the freedom of flexible hours. As traffic snarls fluctuate at different hours, you can make an informed decision based on your traveling time.
  • When calculating the commutation time to the places you generally need to visit daily, try to collect real-time data. Based on your information, speak to the best realtor in Kelowna and Fraser Valley to help you research better living choices. Emil Anderson Properties is one of the most reputed land developing companies in Kelowna serving for the last 30 years. Connect with them to leverage their expertise when searching for the best properties.
  • Don’t miss calculating the cost of commutation when searching for lots. Remember that the longer it takes in transit higher the monthly expenses toward transportation.
  • Lifestyle factors also impact travel time. Find out how much you are spending when commuting by public transport and taking your own car. Moreover, you will have your priorities to manage. For instance, you might have to drop your kid at school before reaching the office and may have to consider off-route travel.
  • Health conditions also impact commute time. For traveling a few miles more regularly, you may experience immense stress. So, if you have a pre-existing health condition, factor in the travel time to ensure a smooth traveling experience.
  • How far is your workplace from your new house? The shorter the travel time more are the chances to engage in things you love and spend time with your family.

How does travel time add up?

Before moving ahead with the new home purchase, try commuting by different means of transportation during rush hours and slow hours. The things you need to calculate are:

  • The accessibility of public transportation
  • Weather events that might slow down travel time
  • Studying the traffic patterns during rush hours
  • Researching the proximity of school district, office, places of recreation, and the marketplace

Well, the actual travel time may differ from the time you started searching Tower Ranch homes for sale to the time of closing the sale. Be sure to have one last look before signing the agreement as longer travel times than expected may impact the lifestyle and health significantly. The question is whether you can achieve a happy work-life balance even if you calculate the commute time from your home.  As there are huge stakes involved in the homebuying decision, you need to calculate the transit time, expenses, and the cost involved to the fullest extent to achieve the balance. Whether you want to keep the hassles of commutation out of your way or need to start living in your own home and travel for a couple of hours every day is a matter of perspective for home buyers.

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