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Design Concepts for Fall Landscaping in Luxury Custom Homes

The fall season announces its arrival by cooling down the summer breeze and turning the surrounding greenery into several shades of orange, red, and yellow. If you’re in perpetual love with this season, consider making it a part of your home.

Your landscaping doesn’t need to take the second position compared to your luxury home. Adorn it with a fall-inspired design and you’ll turn your property into the most gorgeous luxury custom home in Vancouver.

Fall Landscape ideas from the best custom home builders in Vancouver 

Invite the pollinators

Most modern suburban spaces have the same theme. A small recreational space with a vast expanse of green in the form of a lawn. However, that has robbed modern suburbia of its wildlife, most importantly its pollinators. Bees, moths, butterflies, bugs, and other tiny insects that made your garden interesting and pollinated garden produce are disappearing at an alarming pace.

You have the power to change that while making your outdoor space more beautiful and full of life. Consult custom home builders in Vancouver to add a pollinator garden to your backyard. Fall and winter can be long in Vancouver. Neat rows of perennial shrubs can extend the season for pollinators and add color to your backyard even when the surroundings are dull.

Outdoor lights     

During the fall season and throughout the winter, the days get shorter and nights start to get longer. Make sure to add enough outdoor lights to make the landscape vibrant and warm up the ambiance during chilly nights. Vancouver home builders recommend you to light up your walkways with frosted lights that look like luminarias. They are a sign of autumn and upcoming holidays.

You can also decorate the autumn trees on your property with string lights. Throughout the year, these lights create a glowing effect through the foliage and turn your tree into a twinkling and mesmerizing sight when all the leaves fall off in the cold seasons. Make sure that you install underground waterproof outlets near the tree to power the lights.

Zen Garden

Every landscape looks gorgeous with a zen garden. They have water features, beautiful rock arrangements, and strategically placed gravels and look way better than boring lawns. When you hire the best builders in Vancouver BC, they make sure to create a zen garden that’s in tune with the natural landscape of your property. Roadhouse Homes is a Vancouver builder with a similar reputation.

With enough space, you can create an artificial waterfall surrounded by moss rocks, stones, and Japanese maple trees. For limited spaces, it’s best to have a tiny Koi pond or water fountain with pebbles, perennial shrubs, and some low-maintenance plants.

Outdoor dining space

Autumn brings you relief from the summer heat and allows you to spend more time outdoors. Why not spend it outside with friends and family while indulging in delicious meals? Consider creating an outdoor oasis in the form of a dining space.

It can be something fancy with decorative lounges and extended seating areas under an exquisite pergola or something simple like a set of foldable wooden chairs surrounding a rustic wooden table. Use earthy and warm tones that are inspired by autumn colors when you create an outdoor dining space.

Fire Pit

The cool and comfy climate of the fall season is perfect for most people. However, after the sun disappears from the horizon, you can feel the chill quickly. That’s why your fall landscaping deserves a fire pit around the seating area. You can go all out and add a pit contained by retaining walls to elevate your comfy outdoor lounging area to the next level. 

There’s also the option of building a firepit into the ground. You can also completely ditch the idea of a permanent fire pit and get tabletop units to keep yourself warm during cold autumn evenings. These units may not be as glamorous as permanent fire pits, but require less maintenance and give you the same satisfying sight and sound of crackling fire.

Get bird feeders

Watching birds chirp and visit your home is a treat during any season. Install bird feeders and keep them stocked to persuade your feathered friends to visit more often. They are the perfect fall-themed feature since they increase bird visits during the autumn season. It’s a blessing for birds since nature is less forgiving during this time. Fall is a festive season and a pleasant transitional period before the winter. Use fall colors and draw inspiration from the season to add your personal touch to the landscape. Let your unique flair shine through and make the most of your outdoor space. 

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