Custom Burger Boxes – Different Sizes and Material Guide

Introduce Your Burger with Your Iconic Brand Image in the Market

It is very important to stand out in this competitive market with a successful business. That is why custom burger boxes provide a great opportunity to make a unique brand’s identity. Create a lasting impression on the customers and differentiate the brands with premium packaging.

Designs custom burger boxes with the brand logo, and creative ideas to reflect your food brand through packaging. It is also a great marketing tool to staple the brand’s position in a crowded market. So, create different and various types of burger boxes according to the needs of customers.

Expand Business with Perfect-Sized Burger Boxes

Packaging and presentation of the products play an essential role in the product-selling business especially when it is about fast food. We all know that the demand for fast food products is expanding day by day. So, it is one of the easiest opportunities to develop a business with high profit in this field.

Moreover, burger box packaging is essential for restaurants and fast-food chains. Such boxes help to ensure that their delicious burgers are served with the following elements.

  • Fresh
  • Protected
  • Presented

All such elements help the brands to serve their cuisine in an appealing manner to customers. In addition to this, there are various sizes of burger boxes that are available to accommodate different sizes of burgers. And the below-mentioned guide will help you in understanding the different sizes of boxes and when to use them:

1.   Single Burger Box:

The single burger box is one that is used to pack one burger at a time. So, it is according to the burger that is going to be packed inside such a box. Here are a few common dimensions for the burger boxes.

Dimensions for Single Burger Packaging:

Approximately 4.5 inches (length) x 4.5 inches (width) x 3 inches (height).

Ideal Packaging for a Single Burger:

Single-patty burgers, such as classic cheeseburgers or hamburgers are easily packed inside these boxes.

Features of the Single-Serving Box for the Burger:

 Such packaging solutions are very compact and easy to hold that quality makes them suitable for single servings.

2.   Double Burger Box:

As the name of the burger box suggest it is a box that is used to pack two burgers at a time. Sometimes a wall is created in this box with the help of a divider that segregates portions for each of the boxes.

Dimensions for Double Burger Packaging:

Around 6 inches (length) x 4.5 inches (width) x 3 inches (height).

Ideal for Two Burgers:

Burgers with multiple patties like double cheeseburgers or double bacon burgers.

Features of Double Burger Boxes:

This burger is slightly larger than single burger boxes, designed to hold two patties securely.

3.   Family Burger Box:

Family meals and burgers are served with combos so the brands require large size boxes to pack the meals. The core sizing dimensions of such boxes are listed below.

Dimensions of the Family Burger Boxes:

Approximately 9 inches (length) x 6 inches (width) x 3 inches (height).

Ideal Sizes for Family Burger Boxes:

Family-sized burgers or combo meals are packed inside these boxes.

Features of Family Burger Boxes:

Spacious enough to hold larger burgers or multiple single burgers together, along with sides like fries or onion rings.

4.   Mini Burger Box:

Dimensions of the Mini Burger Boxes:

Around 3 inches (length) x 3 inches (width) x 2 inches (height).

Ideal for Mini Burger Boxes:

Mini burgers are smaller than standard-size burgers and sliders or kid-sized portions.

Features of mini burger boxes:

Mini burger boxes are considered perfect for serving small burgers or for catering to children’s meals.

5.   Jumbo Burger Box:

All one knows that jumbo size burgers are also served in the markets and the size of such burger is really grand. So a big size box is also needed to pack them.

Dimensions for the Jumbo Burger Boxes:

 Approximately 7 inches (length) x 7 inches (width) x 3 inches (height).

Ideal-Sized Packaging for the Jumbo Burgers:

Extra-large burgers or specialty burgers with extravagant toppings are packed inside the jumbo burger boxes.

Features of Jumbo Burger Boxes:

Such a box provides ample space to accommodate larger and loaded burgers.

6.   Custom Burger Box:

Last is the custom burger box that is made as per the provided specifications of the brand. Sometimes the brand needs custom-sized boxes for custom-sized burgers, so it is also one of the sizing dimensions.

Dimensions of the Custom Burger Boxes:

The sizes of custom burger boxes vary on the specific requirements of the restaurant.

Ideal for the Custom Burger Boxes:

So it is unique burger creation with unconventional sizes or shapes.

Features of the Custom Burger Boxes:

The main feature of this sizing dimension is that it is tailored to fit the restaurant’s specific branding and burger offerings.

So, customized burger boxes help to promote the brand’s identity and also garb the customers their appealing looks. Therefore, personalized burger boxes are a game-changer factor for the growth of businesses; let’s discover the significance of customized boxes.

High-Quality Materials Meet All the Standards of Good Quality

The high-quality material not only protects the food inside the boxes but also keeps the food hygienic and fresh. Good quality packaging also promotes your brand identity in the competitive world. Customers always prefer fresh food and the packaging is the most vital decision for the success of the brand.

Reliable and durable material makes custom burger boxes more desirable for customers. The demand for durable material for packaging is increasing nowadays. Create a long-lasting packaging of cardboard burger boxes and grab the customers.

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Packaging Solution for Brands

Eco-friendly packaging is the most preferable packaging for the customers and there are many advantages of eco-friendly packaging. Reusable and recycled materials are not harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly materials are mostly used for packaging, and they also enhance the value of the brand.

Durable and reliable material for the packaging is the best way to create a loyal relationship with the customers. It is a great way to aware the customers and make the atmosphere healthy and clean. Cardboard and Kraft are normally used for burger boxes.

Aware the Customer by Cardboard Burger Boxes

Cardboard is an eco-friendly material that also protects the food. Cardboard burger boxes are gaining popularity just because of their ability to maintain the food’s temperature and keep the atmosphere healthy. It also provides an enclosure that keeps the burger fresh.

It is a smart choice to make the packaging more harmful and durable. Information and ingredients of the food make the packaging more visual, and it is a great way to aware the customers of the brand’s reputation.


Custom burger boxes are the best marketing tool for the growth of the business, which enhances the brand name. It is a more significant way to increase the sale of the business and boost the loyalty of the customers. There are countless benefits, whether you go with burger boxes or choose printed burger boxes. So, elevate the burger business to the heights of success and also get the amazing benefits of custom burger boxes. Avail the opportunity to stay ahead in this competitive market with amazing packaging solutions. Get the custom burger boxes through one click from The Custom Boxes.


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