Bridal Shower Tea Party Nitty-Gritty- 3 Gorgeous Themes to Choose From

Before your nuptial ceremony, you want a relaxing and fun day with your close family and friends. A tea party bridal shower is the best way to mark the last day of your spinster life. Hosting a tea party for a friend is a great pleasure. If you’re the bride’s best friend, you must ensure that the bride gets the best bridal shower. We consider tea as an elegant beverage – sipping from elegant China cup sets and with English-style cookies or fluffy scones and savory sandwiches. Hosting a tea party is a stylish affair – you choose a theme, ask the invitees to dress up according, set the interior and crockery based on the theme, and gift your best friend, the would-be-bride a day to remember.

The first thing to take care of before hosting a bridal tea party is choosing the right party hall. There are many affordable and amazing Party Halls in Houston for you to choose from. The next big thing is to choose the theme. This part can be tricky as you need to consider the preferences of the bride-to-be and also the invitees. So, here are a few tea-party bridal shower ideas that you can encash for throwing an amazing party.

Movie Themes for Tea Party Bridal Shower:

The guests love attending parties with creative themes for bridal showers. In particular, movie-inspired themes are particularly trendy. You can always pick from a bride’s favorite movie or choose from the movies capturing the essence of a tea party. Based on the movie you choose; you can stir the party idea from the décor to the menu.

Listed below are a few popular tea-party movie-themed ideas for you to throw an amazing bridal tea party:

· Mary Poppins:

Mary Poppins is a wonderful movie and an all-time favorite. The color aesthetic of the movie is very elegant. Your party can be inspired by the lovely Victorian carousel theme with pink and white candy stripes, lush flowers, and beautiful white crockery. You can keep rose cream linen cloths for the table cover, keep raspberry rose glass goblets, and for the centerpiece of the table have fresh flowers in a transparent vase. You can keep antique silverware to amp up the setting, and ask the guests to wear gowns and dresses of light pine or rose color. And, of course, keep the interior décor in pastel shades. For small party venues in Houston Tx, this theme is apt. 

· Downton Abbey:

In recent times, Downton Abbey has created a buzz with its beautiful aesthetic appeal. The royal setting of 1927 is a perfect theme for a tea party. This theme is the best for a classic afternoon tea party. The choices of tea you can keep for the party are –

  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Hibiscus  

Make sure you create a perfect balance between light and dark colors. Keep white roses in a transparent flower vase as a centerpiece. The background can be dark olive or navy blue. Keep a floral pattern British China set to make the vintage feel alive. Keep a metallic or gilded serving tray for cookies, pastries, cupcakes, or finger food. Ask your guests to wear traditional gowns with a hat to create the best feel of the century. You should look for private party venues in Houston for creating a Downton Abbey-themed tea party. 

· Alice in Wonderland:

Alice in Wonderland is probably the first thing that pops into mind while planning a movie-themed tea party. The magical color aesthetic of the movie inspires a lot of creative freedom for a party theme. It is the careless look of a party that intrigues the fun. You can set up a long table with various teapots and mismatched tea cups. Use a checked tablecloth and keep colorful patio umbrellas and mushroom-shaped napkins. Hang colorful lanterns and hide plush animals in teapots. Hang up signs to direct people ‘this way for savory’ or ‘that way for desserts’ to make sure you keep the Disney vibe alive. You can create a doll house and keep an Alice doll, to create a spot for presents. As for the guests, they can come as any character they like for the movie. To make things fun, you as a host can dress like Mad-Hatter and ask your to-be-bride friend to dress up as Alice. 

Bridal shower tea parties are fun when you create a not-so-regular theme. Also, you need to focus on the guest list and food. For the venue, you must pick a place where you have ample space to execute your theme properly. Azul Reception Hall is one such venue that you can avail of for any party. If you are looking for a venue for an occasion like Quinceanera, search for party venues for Quinceanera near me and celebrate your daughter’s transformation from girlhood to womanhood heartily.

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