Best Merritt Sewing Machine In India 2023

Merritt sewing machines have seen a significant increase in their popularity because of the number of benefits it comes with them. If you have been looking to purchase the best Merritt sewing machine in India in 2023, then, this blog will help you out.

Mentioned below are the top two Merritt sewing machines that are manufactured to fulfil one’s sewing machine expectations and requirements. They are the Singer Merritt Magna foot basic sewing machine and the Singer Merritt Promise 1409 electric sewing machine.

So, continue reading below if you want to get proper knowledge on the best Merritt sewing machine in India in 2023. Mentioned below are two distinct sewing machines that work differently on basis of their features and functions.

Singer Merritt Magna foot basic sewing machine

Produced by Singer, a top sewing machine manufacturing brand that has been serving for more than 170 years to customers across the globe with the best services and top-notch product solutions.

This basic foot presser sewing machine has a lever type of stitch regulator that can be operated for achieving forward and reverse stitch control. Along with this sewing machine, you get a metal sheet bobbin winder and a line-type face plate.

The bobbin winder has a loaded automatic tripping spring that can help in the uniform winding of the sewing machine’s bobbin.

Available in a jet-black colour, the body of the sewing machine is made up of premium metal that ensures the durability and sturdiness of your sewing machine.

Additionally, to help your sewing machine attain exceptional longevity, Singer provides a plastic cover to protect your sewing machine from getting any scratches and bumps.

The dimensions of this sewing machine are 55cm in diameter, 83cm in width, and 47cm in height. Working on electricity, you can use the foot presser as and how you wish to sew different fabrics together.

This is a normal-sized sewing machine weighing around 25kgs and that can be placed in any place in your house.

If you wish to use a good Merritt sewing machine that works on a foot presser system, then, the Singer Merritt Magna foot basic sewing machine is perfect for all types of domestic use.

Singer Merritt Promise 1409 electric sewing machine

Another top Merritt sewing machine that is a popular manufactured product is the Singer Merritt Promise 1409 electric sewing machine.

Available in a fresh and bright white colour, it is made up of premium and top-grade metal, and its basic power source is that it works on electricity. This electric sewing machine has all the basic features that any sewing machine should possess to fulfil a sewing project very easily.

Whether you want to go for a basic stitch or make your design look impressive because of a fancy and decorative stitch, then, know that this sewing machine will do it easily. This is because you get 8 in-built stitch patterns that help you create perfect and accurate stitches.

With the basic sewing machine body, you get these features included such as an automatic buttonhole, a darning plate, and a good stitch selection.

These features help your sewing imagination to be designed into reality. With the help of the automatic bobbin winder and the automatic needle threader, everything that could be a challenge now becomes a piece of cake! In the package, you get four presser feet- all-purpose, button sewing, buttonhole, and zipper modes.

These can easily be stored and availed in the accessory storage drawer. If you want, you can even detach the accessory storage drawer to make a free arm for sewing fabrics even in difficult or challenging angles.

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Getting your hands on a Merritt sewing machine in India is very easy. You can get it easily in an online store or from any sewing machine shop. If you want to buy one today, then buy any of the two sewing machines. Go for it today!

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