Anniversary Flowers and what they Mean

Thinking of celebrating your anniversary or you are invited by someone to be a part of their union, sounds great! You must be all prepared with your celebration prep if not then you would have to plan accordingly and make sure to think about the theme, the venue, the decor, and the food. And before you go on don’t forget to get flowers. Why you may ask? Flowers have traditionally been a part of anniversaries. Because they make anyone feel special. If you are wondering what to take to an anniversary party, flowers it is. Flowers work as gifts themselves or can be taken as an accompaniment, even for decorations.  When it comes to choosing flowers it seems like a random choice but that is not how it goes. Picking the right flower needs time, effort, and a lot of thinking.

To make it simple for you here are some flowers from a central florist, you can get for anniversaries at garden city flower shop

  • Tulips

A very romantic and special flower indeed. Known for its looks, colors, and unique shape. Tulips are said to look like little cute cups with smooth petals. A flower with historic importance, Tulips were majorly grown during the Ottoman empire. Along with great looks and historically significant importance. Tulips are known for their color. Available in colors from bright to subtle, Tulips will surely stand out at any event. So why Tulips for an anniversary? Because they are available for a short time period, and you would be lucky to have your hands on it. This rarity will make the recipient feel special as well. Tulips are majorly available during the spring and if you get a chance you should definitely see them up close. With

oceanside flower delivery, you can get quick delivery. Coming to the meaning Tulips symbolize the deep and perfect love.

  • Lilies

Another flower that looks and feels amazing is the lily, there are various subtypes of this flower. With mild differences in all, you will find some to be spotless, while others would have some spots over them. Some might be a single color, others two-toned. For this anniversary edition of flowers, you can go with pink stargazer lilies since they are a popular choice. Another one is known as the easter lily which is seen in white. Apart from these, you will also find pink, yellow, and bright orange. You can create an all-Lilly bouquet since they are big in size. Or you can go with a mix of pink roses, lilies, and gerberas along with some pop of red. We are sure you are excited to know what they mean. So lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth.

  • Roses

Roses for the win always. Roses are considered to be a romantic classic. And if you are into that old-school love then roses are the one for you. You can go with the usual red roses a dozen or more if you like being a little extra. Or you can also try newer colors like lemon yellow and lavender. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, passion, and affection.

  • Daisies

Bright, joyous, colorful, and long-lasting. Everything that you would need in a flower argument. A myth about daisies is that we always keep imagining them to be tiny with a yellow or white color. But that is not how daisies roll. Daisies have more than 20.000 subtypes under them. And be ready for a rollercoaster ride with these flowers from orange to purple. You will find all kinds of shades in this one. With such a huge variety there are endless kinds of arrangements that you can come up with. You can go with a summery basket of daisies or you can go with purple asters put alongside red roses. With a long beach florist, you can get these arrangements without a fuss. Daisies symbolize joy, new beginnings, and also motherhood.

Get flowers right when you need them with anniversary flower delivery in valley stream NY. Picking the right flower has never been this easy!


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