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7 affordable DIY kitchen cabinet makeover ideas

Your kitchen is the primary hub where you spend nearly half the day preparing delicacies. 

It’s where you cook, gather with your family, and feel proud. However, every space requires an update after some time. If it’s been over 5 years and your kitchen no longer looks comfortable and dear, it’s time for a kitchen overhaul. 

You may be thinking of going for the kitchen makeover to make it anew. However, one cannot undermine the costs. It’s just that maybe you do not want to spend that much on kitchen renovation as of now. It is especially true when your kitchen requires a minimal upgrade. For example, you want to change the worn-out cabinets. With cabinets, you can do a number of things. You can change the color, get a new modular one, paint the stuff, etc.

Well, yes, outdated kitchen cabinets can be a significant turnoff when expecting a grand event anytime soon. Blog lists some ways that may help you refurnish, resurface, and refresh your kitchen cabinets without a major overhaul. In fact, you can do it without any professional help! Does it sound exciting? Let’s begin!

How to refinish kitchen cabinets without expert help? 

Nothing is more unappealing than a dampened outlook of the kitchen hardware. Discolored cabinets, broken and chipped, require the proper treatment. You can update the kitchen cabinets without much effort or fancy add-ons. Check interesting DIY kitchen cabinet update ideas for your needs:

1. Paint cabinets in the best combination

Does your kitchen feel dark and unappealing during the daytime? It is due to the dirt and the years of unchanged cabinets. They suck all the light out of the room. However, the good part is- you do not have to replace these to get a bright new look. As long as the frames and doors are structurally strong, do not replace them.

You can get the lost glow back by just repainting the cabinets. Check the color combination that goes well with another aspect of the kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is dark, light color tones may work well, and vice versa. 

You can go for matte, high gloss, antique, or rustic finish according to your preference. 

2. Add new hardware to your cabinets

Adding new hardware is another best way to renew your cabinets from scratch. You can make a few hardware shifts by changing the knobs and pulls. However, you must know certain things while doing so.

  • Measure the drawer pulls and knob sizes
  • Buy the exact size trendy knobs
  • Create a template temporary one to place the knobs right
  • Drill and fix the knob
  • Do not drill too much, but ensure the hole’s transparency

Once you do this, you can walk free. A minor change in the hardware can change the entire look of your cabinets. If yours are broken, discolored, and need polishing, change the fixtures.

3. Go for glass cabinet doors 

Do you have some exclusive ceramics but cannot show them off due to wooden cabinets?

Go for glass shelving. It would help you with open shelving. With that, you can reveal the best of your collection to your guests without saying anything.

Moreover, with a glass or ceramic item, you can tuck your kitchen accessories, like – hanging Apron safely behind the doors. Furthermore, beware while cutting the glass while DIY. It requires expertise.

Here are some more benefits of Glass cabinet doors:

  • It makes your kitchen look bigger
  • It improves visibility and helps you spot things easily
  • Offers a design element
  • Suits unique designs
  • Pair well with style
  • It is easy to clean 

4. Clean up the bare bones of beauty

While repainting your kitchen cabinets is a go-to refresh, you may struggle to compromise the unique and trendy paint colors. But you would like to reveal the natural beauty of the cabinet. Stripping away paint with layers of Citristrip may not be the best idea. But you know what

The final result will sweep you off the floor.

It is completely breathtaking.

You can get the desired changed look even by stripping only a few cabinets or islands. It is one of the best ways to bring natural texture to the front. If you need something that complements your kitchen aesthetics, strip away the paint.

5. Build an extra storage space above the cabinets 

It is one of the best ways to store more items within the available space. Analyze the space you have to construct extra shelves. You can do this DIY only if you share experience dealing with the hammer and the nail. 

Moreover, you must be familiar with the right way to drill and arrange the shelves in the best manner. It would help you with the desired look. However, constructing additional shelves would be a bad idea if you lack the same.

6. Do not underestimate undercabinet lighting

 Who would have thought of that? Ramp up your existing kitchen without spending much. Light up your countertop or the undercabinet areas. It is helpful for the one facing struggles to find the things nearby or follow the recipe book.

A glowing light above the gas stove or your ingredients helps you spot them easily. Moreover, you can follow the recipe better and save time while cooking. It also helps you check whether the blended ingredients are enough or if you need to blend them more. So, yes, it may help multi-task in the kitchen.

Go for a butcher block island

If you want to make your kitchen a cozy kitchen space, go for a butcher block counter. These thick wooden blocks make the central work area a furniture-like table. You can do so by artistically arranging the wooden blocks in a minimal space. Butcher Block Island trick trends back to the 19th century. 

It helps tone down the cooling of the stone counters and metal appliances in the modern cooking space. You can get this one by choosing from the quality materials or a ready-made one from the sellers. Measure the space and get one for your kitchen. It would be ideal if you struggled to construct one yourself.  

If you are low on cash due to DIY kitchen remodeling and need more to get the Butcher block island, options like loans for a kitchen renovation can help. Research the durable, trendy, and affordable island that compliments your space and get it home hassle-free. You do not have to wait to cherish the new kitchen look anymore.

Bottom line

However, a DIY kitchen renovation may seem hell-tasking and exhausting. You can limit the DIY work by prioritizing the changes you want in the kitchen. Skip the ones that only need minor brush-up. Instead, go with the ones that enhance the kitchen’s appeal and freshen the overall vibe. Check out your budget and prioritize tasks accordingly. It gets easier this way.

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