5 Pink Tourmaline Rings Inspired By Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s engagement with Orlando Bloom was a controversial affair in the world of Hollywood. Of course, the teenage dream-fame girl is now engaged with her dreamboat.

But do you know what was more sensational than her engagement? Her ruby halo floral engagement ring! Yes, her engagement ring was drawing attention more than the news of her getting engaged.

Why not? Her engagement ring is so mesmerizing that it draws attention all the time. The oval-shaped pinkish ruby is surrounded by eight round-cut diamonds, giving a floral appearance to the ring that looks exceptionally beautiful.

You want to design your engagement ring in Katy Perry’s ring design but with a different touch. Let me tell you, pink tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones that can make you look more beautiful.

Here are the top 5 beautiful pink tourmaline rings designs inspired by Katy Perry’s ring that will make your engagement lavish.

Oval-Shaped Floral Halo Ring


Be the star in your own engagement. Design a gorgeous pink tourmaline halo engagement ring inspired by Katy Perry’s ring to have the entire spotlight on you. The oval-shaped pink tourmaline will look mesmerizing and ignite a spark of love and romance in you. To add more glimmer to the ring, eight surrounding round-cut diamonds encircling the center stone will do magic for you and give a floral appearance to the ring.

If you’re getting engaged and want something enthralling for your woman, design a pink tourmaline halo ring for her to make your day filled with love.

Cushion-cut Halo Ring


Cushion-cut is known for its pretty rounded corners and unique shape, making it a preferred choice for engagement rings. Let’s join the legacy of a chic cushion-cut engagement ring and design a vintage-style pink tourmaline halo ring for your engagement. Make your engagement day remarkable with an exceptional cushion-cut halo ring. The small surrounding diamonds in the ring will provide extra sparkle to the center stone and make everyone notice your bewitching appearance.

Round-cut Halo Ring


A round-cut pink tourmaline halo ring is an exceptional choice for making your engagement a day you and your partner will always cherish. While the round pink tourmaline will make the ring look attractive, the small surrounding diamonds will make the center stone appear big. If you want more sparkle in your round-cut pink tourmaline halo ring, then consider embedding tiny diamonds around the center stone.

Marquise-cut Halo Ring

If your woman has a larger-than-life personality, then surprise her with a marquise-cut pink tourmaline halo ring on your engagement day. This ring will not just make her look stylish but also turn heads for a second look. You can also design this ring as an anniversary gift for your woman.

If you want to make your ring shinier, you can embellish the shank with small pave diamonds. The small diamonds will elevate the brilliance of the ring and make it look more appealing.

Pear-cut Halo Ring

Give a unique touch to your pink tourmaline ring inspired by Katy Perry’s engagement ring with a different cut. Choosing a pear-cut pink tourmaline will instantly set you apart from others. This ring will also symbolize your adventurous and fun-loving personality.

The halo diamonds around the center stone pink tourmaline will replicate the appearance of Katy Perry’s engagement ring. So, if your woman loves to embrace every moment, then gift her a lovely pink tourmaline halo engagement ring to make her fall for you again.

Wrapping Up…


Of course, this is your engagement ring so take time to design a perfect ring for your loved one. The celebrity touch to your ring will make the ring special and remind you of the day you both came together to share life.

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