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4 Unusual Factors That May Harm Your Septic Tank

The septic tank is your ticket to send the wastewater from your home for secondary treatment. If the tank is not cleaned properly and regularly, antibacterial substances and toxins kill the bacteria that help in breaking down the waste. Primarily, the size of the equipment determines how often it requires cleaning.

But before you consider hiring professional septic tank cleaning services, an excellent option would be to consider those factors that harm the system. So, here are three unusual factors that may harm the septic system intensely:

1. Kids at your home

Most adults are well-versed with ways to stay responsible for bathroom usage. Unfortunately, kids are not. That is why children often drop materials that end up in the septic tank. Such materials may range from toys to small clothes, or pacifiers that are strictly off the limits for septic tank maintenance. Those hard items may jam the sewer lines or are usually stuck in the working parts of the septic tank. Call for septic tank maintenance services near me if you want to keep it working in top order.

More importantly, you should educate your child about the impact of dropping items into the toilet. But the moment you suspect your child of dropping such items, try to get the system checked before you notice a severe backflow. Furthermore, the kids need to be warned about flushing unnecessary items down the toilet except for toilet paper. If you are in Kildare and keen to know septic tank emptying costs for future reference, connect with Greaseco. They are one of the best service providers to consult with for taking care of your septic tank.

2. Working from home

You might wonder if working from home has got something to do with dampening the sewage tank but it does. Often, the wastewater removal system starts showing signs of strain when you stay indoors the whole day. The reason may be an aging septic tank. However, the newer systems are not spared of damage as well and need to undergo regular maintenance. If the damage continues, it may be hard to rule out a backup. In severe cases, wastewater may find its way into drinking water.

Another reason why you may need a septic tank emptying in Kildare more often when working from home is due to increased water usage. Whether it is for cooking or washing, increased use of water may affect the functioning of the tank. The reasons may be that the chemical and cleaning products that mix with water may disrupt the balance of bacteria in the tank. The bacteria in the tank need to stay in proportion to ensure that the waste matter breaks down with ease. With more chemicals going down the drain, sludge and other materials may build up, forcing the parts of the equipment to work harder. Eventually, the septic tank may not remain functional. To rev up wastewater management at home should be your priority to prevent pathogens and viruses from polluting drinking water.

3. Laundry Detergent

You can’t stop washing your clothes at home, can you? But changing the detergent used for cleaning is what you can decide. When choosing the detergent, abstain from choosing a product based on the scent; instead pay attention to the other criteria. Try to choose the detergent based on its ingredients and make sure they are environment-friendly. Powdered detergent for instance tends to build deposits when used over a period, although it is easy to use. If you want to prevent clogs in the septic system, switch to liquid detergents.

4. Mind your toilet paper

Ever wondered why not all types of toilet papers bond with the septic system? So, don’t just settle down for any product as the sewage system might not handle it well.  Make sure you pick toilet rolls that are septic-safe or pick biodegradable papers that break down quickly and consume less water. You can also look for recycled papers that are free from chemicals. You have a list of things that may surprisingly dampen the functioning of the septic system. While you need to adhere to those things that may disrupt the functioning of the sewage system, it is equally important to follow a regular cleaning routine. Even cleaning experts insist on following the dos and don’ts to avoid clogs in the tank. If you are truly interested to prolong the life of the septic tank, shun the bad habits to take care of the system and its functioning.

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