4 Life Benefits of Fangirling that Fans Can Attest To

Fangirling (fanboying) is a term used to describe enthusiastic admiration or support of a particular celebrity, TV show, book, movie, or other media. It often involves a deep emotional connection with the object of fandom and can manifest in various ways, such as attending events, creating fan art or fan fiction, and engaging with other fans online.

While it has been said earlier that it could be about sticking by a favorite movie or book, commonly, fangirling or fanboying is attached to people’s love for their dearest celebrities. There are manifold fandoms all over the world, and each of them follows a particular artist that brings them together into one interest. Taylor Swift’s supporters are called Swifties. Katy Perry has her Katy Cats. The K-pop group BTS has ARMYs as their fans, and BLACKPINK has their BLINKS. These are just some examples. 


The feeling of being a fan or participating in fandom can be difficult for non-fans to understand because it is often tied to personal identity and emotional investment. People become fans of something because it resonates with them on a deeper level, whether it’s through shared values, interests, or experiences. This emotional connection can be difficult for non-fans to comprehend or relate to, as they may not have had the same experiences or connections with the object of fandom.

In addition, fandom often involves a sense of community and belonging with other fans who share similar interests and experiences. This shared sense of identity and belonging can create a barrier for non-fans who do not feel a part of that community or may not understand its intricacies and norms.

That is probably why it’s so easy for many non-fans to judge fans of particular artists. They do not really know what it’s like. Well, this article aims to enlighten those who are not aware, and it also validates the feelings of fans who do nothing bad and only support their faves! 

Let’s talk about the 4 life benefits of fangirling! Definitely, fans can attest to this! 

1 –  A major stress reliever

Participating in fandom and fangirling can provide a source of stress relief and relaxation for some individuals, as it allows them to temporarily escape from their daily lives and immerse themselves in a world that they enjoy.

Fangirling can provide an outlet for managing and regulating emotions. For example, if an individual is feeling overwhelmed or stressed, they may turn to their favorite media or fandom as a way to cope with those emotions in a healthy way. Video content produced by the stars’ celebrity management company is gold to fans! Watching your favorite artists or the shows they are in helps you ease off after an exhausting day. It calms you down when you are feeling panicky or troubled. 

That’s usually how fangirling can provide a safe haven from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. This can be particularly helpful during times of high stress, as it allows people to take a mental break, which is extremely a must. 

2 – Enhanced social skills and belongingness to a wider community

Fandom and fangirling can provide a sense of community and social connection for individuals who may feel isolated or disconnected in other areas of their lives. 

With fangirling, you discover and meet so many people who have the same interests as you. You can relate to one another. Even though you are not really close at first, you can easily make friends with people within the same fandom. Your love for the same celebrity automatically links you together, and this could be a quick and easy way to expand your circle.  Of course, more than the quantity, the quality of the friendship you make is important!

Building new and good friendships allow you to enhance your social skills and be part of a wider community. You get to step out of your comfort zone, regardless of your socialization abilities. Personality growth is one of the results you will see and experience. 

Fandom and fangirling can also provide social support. This can provide a sense of comfort and belonging that can be particularly helpful during times of stress. Indeed, this social connection can contribute to positive mental health outcomes.

3 – Boosted creativity

Engaging in fandom and fangirling can also stimulate creativity and imagination, as individuals may create fan art, fan fiction, or other works inspired by their favorite media. This can promote mental stimulation and a sense of fulfillment.

Individuals can express their creativity, share their opinions, and connect with others who share their interests and values. Fangirling can provide a rich and diverse environment for creativity and imagination. By engaging with their favorite media and connecting with other fans, individuals can develop their creative skills, share their work, and find new sources of inspiration and motivation. 

Fans may work together to create collaborative fan works, participate in fan events or conventions, or engage in discussions and debates about their favorite stars.

4 – Positive emotions that do a lot

Being a fan and engaging in fandom can evoke positive emotions such as excitement, happiness, and joy. These emotions can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Fans may experience excitement and anticipation when they hear news about their favorite celebrities, such as upcoming projects or events. When accessing media showcasing the stars they love, by seeing movies or listening to music, fans may also feel good emotions. The appreciation of media can produce positive feelings like satisfaction and joy. 

Last but not least, when fans show their loyalty to their most beloved celebrities—through the use of social media or by going to events—they feel good. Because fans believe they are doing their part to make a good difference, it can give them a sense of fulfillment and purpose.


While fangirling may be seen by some as a form of entertainment or hobby, it can also have potential health benefits for individuals. Yes, there are so many good things about being a fan! From the inside out, fans improve and grow in many health aspects of life because of the learning and experiences they get from fangirling. 

Of course, always keep in mind to be a responsible fan. Never go overboard! Do not do reckless things and rash decisions about your love for your celebs. Do not put yourself in danger or other people’s lives at risk because of your fangirling or fanboying desires. There’s always a limit to everything, even in fangirling, no matter how beneficial it may be in your life. 

Even though your admired artists know you not personally, make them proud from afar! Let them know that you are inspired by them to become a better person inside and outside of fangirling!

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